server setup in Ubuntu

This page isn't a tutorial on setting up a LAMP in Ubuntu, but rather notes on how to set it up. I just did this in Ubuntu, and wanted to document what I did so if I have to do it again, it'll go much quicker. (Though, it was pretty quick, actually.)

The basics of it are on AskUbuntu.com. I did have to add sudo apt-get install php5-gd to get GD support for Drupal.


One Year With Ubuntu

Can you really go a year without Windows? (Microsoft Windows, I mean.)

daboss Is going to try. (The Link.)

From his site: "I am not a Windows hater. But faced with the prospect of shelling out the dough for Vista, I got curious - could I do everything I could in Windows with Open Source software? Find out as I try to go a year without Windows and embrace Ubuntu. As an added bonus, I will be documenting each step of my installation and configuration so you won't have to go searching the internet for solutions!"

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