Site Upgrade

Just upgraded the site to Drupal 7! Well, the codebase is upgraded, still working on the theme. I'm thinking the theme will be the hard part! Not sure if I'm going to upgrade my old theme to work, or start on a new, light theme.

Anyway, I wanted to get this upgraded before my 7th Drupalversary which is this week! Synchronicity is cool smiley

quick test

Just updated my site to the latest drupal version and got a couple errors. So this is just a quick test to see if any errors show up anywhere.

After this, I'll be upgrading my xml sitemap which always gives me errors. Seriously, sitemaps shouldn't be difficult.

Had issues with BackupMigrate module - caused a lot of unlink errors and I believe that's what my host had issues with.

Happy New Year - 2010

Happy New Year. Unless you're a spammer. Then I hope you die in your mothers basement where you happen to live.


Happy New Years Eve!

Yay! 2009 is done with! Here's to 2010!


I've solved the Airline Terrorist Problem

With all the time and money our governments are putting into deterring airline terrorism, I've come up with a very simple solution:

Fly Naked.

automotive css

Why would a company that has "automotive" in their name have an online CSS compressor/decompressor tool?

It worked well, but I skipped over it a couple of times because of the automotive part of the name.

The Suspense Account is Killing Me! Ivory Coast Spam

My web host has a great spam filter, but occasionally a piece of this crap does come through. Today I got this gem of a Nigerian 419 (I think it's the 419) spam and thought I'd share.

REMEMBER: Never Trust ANYONE who sends you an email and asks for MONEY. ESPECIALLY if you don't know them or they're from Africa.

Like a good spammer (oxymoron, I know, since they're the worthless scum of the universe) he asks that you not betray him. Like he'd never betray you! What a moron.


the return of showcasecms

showcaseCMS is back. I've finally upgraded the site to Drupal 6 and converted some of the views. The theme is still the same, but I'll be working on that. smiley

showcaseCMS is a site to show off what people can make with content management systems (and not just Drupal... Joomla! and Xoops and Wordpress sites are welcome, too!). This page says what kind of sites can be listed and how to get your site there.

testing the scheduler

Just testing the scheduler module. If all goes well, this should be published sometime in the middle of the night and be waiting for me on the site in the morning.


Site Update

I've updated the site to Drupal 6 (finally) and am currently working out the bugs and problems. If you notice anything 'off' about the site, please let me know.

And a new theme should be ready soon.



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