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Archlinux forums untrusted?

Decided to visit the Arch Linux website forum and I get a message in Firefox saying it's Untrusted.

Arch Linux, not trusted? It never cheated on me, or stole money from me, or drank all my beer. And sure, it's a pain in the ass to get to know. But not trustworthy? Never! (Sure, it's cousin Chakra Linux has been sleeping around, but that's another story.)

So do I click "I Understand the Risks" or not?

RadiantBoard - Not There Anymore

A couple years ago I posted about how the php forum system RadiantBoard wasn't revolutionary. Well, in any revolution one side has to lose. And it appears that RoboticRodeo was a casualty of that fight.

This shows me that instead of hyping your content management system, you spend time creating it and building your following. Superlatives are a poor substitute for good functionality.

NucleusCMS isn't dead?

Just checked the NucleusCMS site and noticed they have a new download available! Now it may just be a maintenance release, but for a system that I thought had died a couple years ago, any release is good news!

silverstripe, cmsmadesimple, miacms and impresscms - Packtpubs 2008 Most Promising

Today Packtpub announced the winners of the Most Promising Open Source CMS for 2008. First place went to Silverstripe, second was CMSMadeSimple, and a tie for third went to MiaCMS and ImpressCMS.

What intrigues me about this is that both MiaCMS and ImpressCMS are forks of existing systems.

WordPress no longer among the Best?

PacktPublishing recently announced the finalists for the 2008 Open Source CMS Award and much to my surprise WordPress wasn't among them! (Click here for the nomination page.)

Drupal and Joomla! are there, and it might be a fight for the Best Overall and Best PHP between the two of them. (My votes went to Drupal, of course!)

ZenPhoto 1.2 Released

ZenPhoto, my favorite open source stand-alone photo gallery, has released version 1.2. (Changelog here.)

Habari 0.5 released

The Habari project just released version 0.5 of its blogging software!

You can download Habari from this link or you can read more about the project here.

The Zikula Postnuke Travesty

Zikula. Okay.

Last night I decided to visit the PostNuke CMS site and was a bit suprised to find I was taken to something called Zikula. And it appears that the folks at PostNuke got help in choosing a new name. From their announcement:

Do we celebrate the Downfall of Joomla!?

June 15, 2008 marks the one-year anniversary of the downfall of Joomla! On June 15, 2007 Joomla! made their infamous "Open Source Does Matter" post that infuriated extension coders to no avail; the post that limited Joomla!'s coders (and users) options in the name of the GPL.

So should we have a cake?

Drupal 6 Released!

Drupal 6 is here!

All I can say about this release is wow. Looking at that release note (from the link above) really makes me glad I switched away from WordPress. What Drupal loses in ease of use more than makes up for in functionality and forward thinking. I really do think this is the best Drupal release ever. Congrats, Drupal developers.

Now once some of my modules are updated I can start the upgrade process!


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