Black Donnellys - March 12 - The World Will Break Your Heart

After watching Mondays episodes, I've discovered a Truth.

1. NBC will do anything to make sure a series fails.

Did you know that there's another episode of this show on the internet? I believe it's called "God is a Comedian." This is important because Monday's episode was the fourth in the series, but the third one aired. And the one on the internet is part of the series (not like the Battlestar Galactica ones which were basically just ad-ons.

The Black Donnellys - Pilot and A Stone of the Heart

Two things about the new NBC show The Black Donnellys:

1. I can't stand the framing sequence with "Joey Icecream." It's not funny; it doesn't add anything to the plot; and he's basically just really, really annoying. If this show goes on for much longer (and I have my doubts that it will) there had better be a really good payoff with him.

so is studio 60 canceled?

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip DVD will be available October 16, 2007.

15 minutes into studio 60 tonight

And I lost interest.


30 Rock didn't

"Five inches but thick." (Did they really say that on network tv?)

Anyway, I caught the pilot for the new NBC show 30 Rock, which is a comedy about a TV show akin to Saturday Night Live.

My take on it? I'd have to give it an "eh."

The first half was good. I didn't much care for the hot dog bit, but did enjoy the office scene with Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey. (And the 'thick' comment.)

Two things about that scene:

1. Alec Baldwin's entrance. Kicking down the sheetrock. That was fun.

Vanished Series Premier 8-21

So I just saw the premier of Fox's new thriller/drama Vanished. I thought it was good. Really, nothing amazing about it.

The series is about a senator's wife who gets kidnapped. But, as in most tv, it's more complicated than that. She had gone missing 12 years before; but that was covered up. She's pregnant, but can't have children. And she may not even be Sara Collins.

Book of Daniel Closed

Seems NBC decided to cancel The Book of Daniel. Well, it's not officially cancelled, just not on the schedule anymore.

Like we didn't see that one coming.


Book of Daniel Controversial?

You have to hand it to those extreme right wing family value ("as long as they're my values") conservatives. If it wasn't for them, I think The Book of Daniel would be a very short lived series. But with the added hype, I have a feeling it will last a few weeks longer than it would have without them.

The January 13th episode was, again, dull. While I still find some of the characters interesting, the plot seems vacant. And without a plot, is there really a tv show

I believe the controversy has made way for dullness, and this series will go away quietly.

Book of Daniel

After hearing conservative talk show hosts complain about The Book of Daniel, and four NBC stations deciding not to air it, I had to check it out.

The TV show is about an Episcopalian preacher and his family. The reverend is a drug addict, his daughter is a drug dealer, the older son is gay, the younger son is a sexually active teenager, the wife is.... well, I'm not sure.

And Jesus stars in it too.


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