America's Got Talent 2008 Premiers Tonight

I've been getting some comments reminding me that America's Got Talent's new season starts tonight.

So, who's glad it's back? Is it better than American Idol? Do you think a singer is going to win this year? Or do we get a new twist on the great Terry Fator?

Knight Rider (2008)

knight rider actorCan someone please, please, tell me what was so great about the Knight Rider tv movie? Why on earth would NBC actually consider turning this into a series? Was it really that good? Did I miss something?

I honestly thought it was utter crap. Sure, the car was pretty neat, but you need more than a cool car to make a show work. And this 'pilot' didn't have anything more to give.

Thoughts on Journeyman

Journeyman was a show that I thought would have been canceled early in its life. In fact, I believe that it would have been if there wasn't any threat of a writers strike. It's a confusing time-travel story starring Kevin McKidd as reporter/unsuspecting time-traveler Dan Vassar. The first few episodes (what I caught of them) were a confused mess. As with any intricately plotted story, few answers were given. But I've been watching this show more an more over the last few weeks and I have to say I'm enjoying it more and more.

tvTonight - Bionic Woman

I don't think I've ever seen an episode of the original The Bionic Woman. I know that the heroin, Jaime Sommers, ran in slo-mo, and that she was part cyborg. I don't think she was that popular of a character back then, and that made me wonder why they'd bother to bring her back.

So when I heard about the Bionic Woman remake, I had to ask myself why? Then I heard that David Eick, an executive producer of the new Battlestar Galactica, was helming this series, and I had a bit more confidence in the project.

tvTonight - Life on NBC

When I first heard about Life, I was certain it would fail. It's about a cop who was framed for a crime and sent away for twelve years. He's exonerated, given a huge settlement, and he goes back to work as a cop in order to find the people responsible for putting him in jail in the first place.

It stars Damian Lewis (who?) as that cop (Charles Crews), and Sarah Shahi as his partner (Dani.)

Studio 60 is back?

Looks like NBC is bringing back Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

It's on the schedule for Thursday May 24 at 10pm (the ER timeslot.)

Thursdays seems like a better day for the show, anyway.

Don't get your hopes up, though. It wont be back next year.

Heroes April 30 - Five Years Gone (and Time Travel)

I'm not the biggest Heroes fan. In fact, I've only seen the last few episodes. But I did catch tonights episode set 5 years in the future. In it Hiro and Ando meet the future Hiro after the bomb (Sylar?) went off in New York City.

Now, maybe I watch too much science fiction, and maybe I'm too much of a Dr. Who fan, or perhaps I've seen too many Stargate episodes, but what happened (traveling to the future as Hiro and Ando did) shouldn't/couldn't have the same results as the episode showed.

Kidnapped on DVD

I was a bit surprised to find that the TV series Kidnapped, which lasted only three episodes on TV (but apparently more online) was released on DVD today.

Is NBC really dumb?

Tomorrow March 22, ABC is airing a new episode of Grey's Anatomy instead of the scheduled rerun. They're doing this so GA can lead into their new drama October Road (which I believe did well in the ratings, though reviews seem to be lukewarm.)

NBCs new show The Black Donnellys follows a rerun of Heroes.

If they (NBC) were playing with that proverbial 'full deck,' should they have worked it out to have a lead-in show like Heroes have new episodes too?

How to Solve NBC's Monday at 10pm Problem

The Deathslot. That's what NBC should call its Monday at 10PM timeslot. That's when CBS airs CSI:Miami, the #1 or #2 show on tv (aside from American Idol or other non-regularly scheduled shows.)

It's a tough time. For some reason, Miami continues to dominate. And no matter what NBC does, it just can't win. Studio 60 suffered from the Deathslot. The Black Donnellys is suffering. It's not that these shows are all bad. They just can't win.

So maybe it shouldn't try.

Instead, I think NBC should put reruns in that slot. But not just any rerun. Battlestar Galactica reruns.


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