Archlinux forums untrusted?

Decided to visit the Arch Linux website forum and I get a message in Firefox saying it's Untrusted.

Arch Linux, not trusted? It never cheated on me, or stole money from me, or drank all my beer. And sure, it's a pain in the ass to get to know. But not trustworthy? Never! (Sure, it's cousin Chakra Linux has been sleeping around, but that's another story.)

So do I click "I Understand the Risks" or not?

Comment Queen is Ashamed!

The Comment Bitch Queen Bitch is ashamed of what she does! The Comment Queen being a woman who posts sites that people pay money to her for so they can comment spam.

Before today, she had her list of sites to spam available here on website. Now it's gone.

She is lower than a used car salesman. Hell, she's lower than a lawyer and politicians. And so are the people who pay her money. Can you believe those idiots?

A Reason to Avoid Hostmonster? Comment Queen

Did a little research on the Comment Queen and found that her site is hosted at HostMonster. Is that a good enough reason not to recommend them?

comment queen hostmonster

Comment Queen is a Bitch

Apparently my site is among the target for spammers. There's a site called CommentQueen that lists sites that do-follow on comments. (I'm working on changing that but it's a bit more difficult in Drupal.)

I think I'm there due to my few months off - you're gone and those stupid fucked in the head spammers who are the scum of the earth and don't deserve to breathe the same air that respectable people do think they can rule over your site.

Twitter hacked by Iranian Cyber Army?

Not only does Twitter seem to be down, it seems that Twitter may have been hacked by the Iranian Cyber Army.

Click the image below for the full screen capture.

twitter hacked?

automotive css

Why would a company that has "automotive" in their name have an online CSS compressor/decompressor tool?

It worked well, but I skipped over it a couple of times because of the automotive part of the name.

a reason to avoid godaddy hosting

Just read on the message board a post that pretty much shows how godaddy hosting only cares about one thing: money.

They're willing to help fix a problem one of their users is having, but for $150.00.

I use for my domain names, but I would never host with them. (They really are the K-Mart of hosting. Or worse.) Now I know never to use them to host any website.

silverstripe, cmsmadesimple, miacms and impresscms - Packtpubs 2008 Most Promising

Today Packtpub announced the winners of the Most Promising Open Source CMS for 2008. First place went to Silverstripe, second was CMSMadeSimple, and a tie for third went to MiaCMS and ImpressCMS.

What intrigues me about this is that both MiaCMS and ImpressCMS are forks of existing systems.

testing scribefire

UPDATE: Formatting was really, really screwed up. (I did enter the urls by hand, so that might be a problem. But so are the lack of paragraph breaks scribefire outputted - it put br/ in there, but Drupal didn't do anything with it.

And no tags, which is a deal-breaker.

Just a test to see if scribefire works for my Drupal site. (It should.)

WordPress no longer among the Best?

PacktPublishing recently announced the finalists for the 2008 Open Source CMS Award and much to my surprise WordPress wasn't among them! (Click here for the nomination page.)

Drupal and Joomla! are there, and it might be a fight for the Best Overall and Best PHP between the two of them. (My votes went to Drupal, of course!)


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