Site Upgrade

Just upgraded the site to Drupal 7! Well, the codebase is upgraded, still working on the theme. I'm thinking the theme will be the hard part! Not sure if I'm going to upgrade my old theme to work, or start on a new, light theme.

Anyway, I wanted to get this upgraded before my 7th Drupalversary which is this week! Synchronicity is cool smiley

quick test

Just updated my site to the latest drupal version and got a couple errors. So this is just a quick test to see if any errors show up anywhere.

After this, I'll be upgrading my xml sitemap which always gives me errors. Seriously, sitemaps shouldn't be difficult.

Had issues with BackupMigrate module - caused a lot of unlink errors and I believe that's what my host had issues with.

added Troll module

Added the Troll module I found for Drupal (http://drupal.org/project/troll) and re-enabled comments.

Of course, the fun part starts now - Did I set it up correctly? Are real people getting banned? Etc. Etc.

I hate spammers.

UPDATE: Five minutes after I enabled comments, I get 5 spam comments in the antispam queue.

Gods I hate spammers.

silverstripe, cmsmadesimple, miacms and impresscms - Packtpubs 2008 Most Promising

Today Packtpub announced the winners of the Most Promising Open Source CMS for 2008. First place went to Silverstripe, second was CMSMadeSimple, and a tie for third went to MiaCMS and ImpressCMS.

What intrigues me about this is that both MiaCMS and ImpressCMS are forks of existing systems.

testing scribefire

UPDATE: Formatting was really, really screwed up. (I did enter the urls by hand, so that might be a problem. But so are the lack of paragraph breaks scribefire outputted - it put br/ in there, but Drupal didn't do anything with it.

And no tags, which is a deal-breaker.

Just a test to see if scribefire works for my Drupal site. (It should.)

Adding "nofollow" tag to Drupal Comment URLs

I just enabled the "nofollow" tag on the website URLs commenters leave. Now, when Google announced "nofollow" as a way to deter spam, I knew it wasn't going to be effective at getting rid of the stuff. And I was right. Matt as WordPress, which jumped on the "nofollow" bandwagon with a lot of flag-waving and ticker-tape parades, had to create Akismit to help with comment spam.

If "nofollow" was effective, we wouldn't need all these alternatives. But we do.

Drupal 6 Released!

Drupal 6 is here!

All I can say about this release is wow. Looking at that release note (from the link above) really makes me glad I switched away from WordPress. What Drupal loses in ease of use more than makes up for in functionality and forward thinking. I really do think this is the best Drupal release ever. Congrats, Drupal developers.

Now once some of my modules are updated I can start the upgrade process!

WordPress wins best Social Networking CMS

According to Packt Publishing, WordPress wins best Social Networking CMS. And I think it's a complete sham.

From their site:

Packt is pleased to reveal that WordPress is the first winner of the 2007 Open Source CMS Award, picking up the best Open Source Social Networking Content Management System. In a very close category, WordPress came out in front of Elgg and Drupal, who finished joint second.

Habari, Drupal, Wordpress and Polls

One of the things that really bothers me about WordPress is polls. Now there are a couple of really good poll plugins for WordPress, but if you want to make the poll as part of the blog hierarchy, as part of the normal chronology of the site, you have to create the poll in one screen then add the tags to your post. Not really a friendly way to go.

In Drupal, you create the poll, and if you have the polls content type set to appear on the front page, it'll be there after you submit it.

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