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I still can care less about Conan O'Brien

So is Conan O'Brien's new show worth watching? I still haven't seen it because, frankly, I don't care for his brand of humor. And I'm pretty sure it's the same shtick as before.

(And as this site seems to be an "I Hate Conan O'Brien" site - probably because I titled a post "I Hate Conan O'brien - here's the other two posts on the topic: I hate Conan O'Brien and I still hate Conan O'Brien.)

I hate Conan O'Brien

There. I've said it. Of all the late night talk shows, Conan is my least favorite. In fact, I much prefer Craig Ferguson to Conan. That's how much I dislike Conan.

(UPDATE: I have my 2009 post on this here. And, yeah, he still sucks.)

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