Habari, Drupal, Wordpress and Polls

One of the things that really bothers me about WordPress is polls. Now there are a couple of really good poll plugins for WordPress, but if you want to make the poll as part of the blog hierarchy, as part of the normal chronology of the site, you have to create the poll in one screen then add the tags to your post. Not really a friendly way to go.

In Drupal, you create the poll, and if you have the polls content type set to appear on the front page, it'll be there after you submit it.

Habari and Structure

Follow the conversation on Habari Dev's Google Groups.

Here's the reason I feel that Habari should be using categories in addition to tags:


Categories, as archaic as some may think they are, are useful in giving sites a basic structure to build on, to navigate by, and to design around. And, I believe most importantly, gives users the ability to extend Habari better than with tags alone.

Promoting Your Content Management System

So you've created a content management system or script. You've spent countless hours drinking warm beer and eating cold pizza while coding your content management system and now you're ready to unleash it to the world. The thousands and thousand of lines of code that you and your friends have sweated and swore over is done. So what do you do now?

How about Wordpress 3 for PHP5?

You may have heard about the goPHP5 website, which is an organization that wanted to get web hosts and open source projects to phase out PHP4 (what many hosts use by default now) and focus on PHP5. (Since the project started, announced that it focus would be on PHP5 at the end of the year, with only security updates to PHP4 after that time.

Packt Publishing 2007 Nominations Open

The Packt Open Source Content Management System Award is designed to encourage, support, recognize and reward an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that has been selected by a panel of judges and visitors to

I guess it's that time again! Nominations are open until August 31st and systems can be nominated in the following categories:

  • Overall Winner
  • Most Promising Open Source CMS
  • Best Open Source PHP CMS

fuzzylime cms and forum

fuzzylime logoJust discovered fuzzylime CMS, formerly called PHP-Update. It's designed as a full featured Content Management System, with blogs and image galleries and polls and mailing lists. Unfortunately, they don't have a features page that lists what it can do.

The forum, however, is a separate system from the portal. You can find out more about the fuzzylime forum here

phpbb's WP-United

Just discovered WP-United, a mod for the phpbb forum software that integrates the users of WordPress with phpbb.

It actually seems to be very advanced. I wonder if this will be the standard other forums use for integration.

Check out their Features page to see the details.

The 2007 PortAll Update

(PortAll is one of my dead horses that I'm continuing to beat.)

The Timeline:

April 2005 I learned of a new Content Management System called PortAll. It looked interesting.

January 10, 2006, I wrote my post Is PortAll Sunk? nine months after I heard about the project.

March/April 2006 I get comments saying that the project was still on, so...



from the site:
eFiction is a software program that enables users to run automated original or fanfiction archives on their websites. The program is PHP and MySQL database driven and is released as open-source software.

Eclatis and JAF CMS - flat file alternatives

Eclatis and JAF CMS

The above two cms scripts are designed for smaller sites and use a flat-file system instead of a database. Not designed for blogging, but rather for business or organizations that only need a few pages up.


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