NCIS - Should Tony and Ziva sleep together?

Yes, they should
81% (164 votes)
No, they shouldn't
19% (38 votes)
Total votes: 202


Anonymous's picture

I think Tony and Ziva are perfect for each other! And whose to say the show won't be better with them together! The tension is killing me, I wanna see them together already!!!!!

dottie's picture

IF there is a spin-off.....I think it should be about Ziva and the Moussad. Let this Michael Rifkin be her side-kick... and let them interact with NCIS on various cases. I think the inner workings of te Moussad would be interesting....especially with such a strong character like Ziva. Also, I like the guy that plays her father on the show.

david's picture

She better not leave! She's so much a part of NCIS that it would be a crime to let her go. And I'm not sure how a Moussad series would work.

Chevygirl's picture

No No No, can't let Ziva go. I love the idea of a spin off about Moussad, but does it have general interest? I hope that Ziva and Tony get together, but keep the tension up as long as possible.