Deciding on phpmyadmin alternatives

Setting up (again) a localhost setup and deciding on an alternative to PhpMyAdmin. So far I've found three:


Ah, choices! More info to come.


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is very good, its fast & reliable, and skinned with a custom skin it looks not that bad; i've tried several other tools, even commercial one and i rate PHPmyAdmin as one of the best when it comes down to "performance-for-price".

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We use PHPmyAdmin, and it works well for us - fast and reliable

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Sure, it's a command-line interface -- but given that I do most of my Drupal work via drush these days, I'm more likely to just dive into the mySQL database directly from my ssh session than to bother opening another browser tab for most garden-variety db tasks. Then again, I'm not averse to typing SQL queries by hand.

Typically, I'm looking for something relatively simple, like this:

SELECT * FROM `node` WHERE nid IN (SELECT entity_id AS nid FROM `field_data_body` WHERE body_format = 'php_code');

I understand why many people prefer to use a web-based frontend with a graphical query builder, and that's fine for them. I just find that it slows me down.

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Not so far I have found new cool tool to work with mySQL - Valentina Studio. Its free edition can do things more than many commercial tools!!
I very recommend check it.