Site Upgrade

Just upgraded the site to Drupal 7! Well, the codebase is upgraded, still working on the theme. I'm thinking the theme will be the hard part! Not sure if I'm going to upgrade my old theme to work, or start on a new, light theme.

Anyway, I wanted to get this upgraded before my 7th Drupalversary which is this week! Synchronicity is cool smiley

And the smiley reminds me - two modules that didn't make the site yet: Smileys and Previous/Next.

After a few changes, I'll even add new content, probably next year. Not long, considering it's halfway through October.

Now to see what I need to fix...

UPDATE: A Smiley Module has been released for D7! I'm currently testing it out.


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I just enabled Mollom and am testing this. And I get a CAPTCHA. Shit.

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Check you out with the new drupal upgrade!

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Is drupal easy to use? I am using WP now but I find that sometimes it is difficult to customize the platform and design..any pointers?

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In my opinion WP is easier to use. I've many WP web sites smiley