Ziva isn't leaving NCIS - at least, for now

ziva david, ncisOne of the questions I see in my referrer logs is "Is Ziva leaving NCIS?" Apparently, the answer is "No." It seems she'll be there for at least two more years. Read the info at tvline.com.


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good, she really does a great job

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Cote De Pablo has brought a freshness to NCIS. I can't see the show lasting if any one of the present cast of main players leaves. They have become a very tight knit group and it shows in every episode. They just click. Cote's role as Ziva is a main component of this show. I know several women having babies that have named them Ziva. This should show the importance of her character.

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I think the series will come to an end before any of the main cast leave

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That's such a good call, I can't believe they were even considering removing her, she's pretty much the entire reason I watch the show