It looks like we're back

Site's got a new home; just testing a few things out. And this site is Dr. Fate approved! smiley



java's picture

cool, I like this picture. happy new home for your webiste.

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That was the best Smallville episode all season, I loved seeing the JSA make their debut. I'm also very glad to see it renewed for one last season. I just hope they end with Clark donning the suit.

I love this pic! She looks like a new wonderwoman! smiley

lassie's picture

fabulous picture..hope your new home will be as mighty as the super heroes portrayed in the photos",

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haha, cool picture, please more pictures smiley

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I like the mask... sooo goldly... smiley

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whether this footage of a movie?

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Nice pic...I like this wonder woman

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i love the picture bro, and congrats for your new home for your site smiley

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good your pic