quick test

Just updated my site to the latest drupal version and got a couple errors. So this is just a quick test to see if any errors show up anywhere.

After this, I'll be upgrading my xml sitemap which always gives me errors. Seriously, sitemaps shouldn't be difficult.

Had issues with BackupMigrate module - caused a lot of unlink errors and I believe that's what my host had issues with.

Testing uploads. The attachment should be a Battlestar Galactica publicity still or group picture. smiley

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hello dear..

intruduce my self..

you and me can change knowledge...


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XML sitemap module maintainer here. smiley Just wanted to let you know it looks like you have a mix of the 6.x-2.x and 6.x-1.x versions. Make sure you clear out your sites/all/modules/xmlsitemap and re-download the latest version.

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Hi, I'm a beginner in Drupal, still learning how to customize it. You have cool blog smiley

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my sitemap always error if I using wp plugin xml sitemap... so i've to update manually... how to fix this? ===desperate=== smiley

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Problem wasn't sitemap - though I've had them smiley - but Backup & Migrate and an unlink error. I'll be dealing with some other errors this next week.


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You actually think I'd use WordPress on this site! Ewww! smiley It's Drupal for me! (Maybe Habari, but certainly not WordPress!)

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I used to have errors on my sitemap, but then I downloaded a plugin for my wordpress blog. Now it works well

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i wanna learning drupal atm... is it difficult? thx