Comment Queen is a Bitch

Apparently my site is among the target for spammers. There's a site called CommentQueen that lists sites that do-follow on comments. (I'm working on changing that but it's a bit more difficult in Drupal.)

I think I'm there due to my few months off - you're gone and those stupid fucked in the head spammers who are the scum of the earth and don't deserve to breathe the same air that respectable people do think they can rule over your site.

This can, however, backfire on the spammers. I use Akismet (or Defensio, depending on how I'm feeling) to report spam posts. So now that I know I'm on that list, anything spammy goes away.

gods i hate spammers


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Go get nofollowlist from the Drupal modules site. Set it to whitelist only and be sure to add your own domain. If there is anyone that you really want to feed some link juice (as in a blog that isn't ranked yet but you really love the content they have), then add them to the whitelist. It doesn't work retroactively, unfortunately.

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I agree. That's awful.