A Reason to Avoid Hostmonster? Comment Queen

Did a little research on the Comment Queen and found that her site is hosted at HostMonster. Is that a good enough reason not to recommend them?

comment queen hostmonster

I wonder if Julia McGowan is the Comment person's real name. If so, her family should be ashamed. (And to every other Julia McGowan who isn't a Mistress of Spam, I apologize.)

And, yeah, I'm a little pissed off at this.


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well,... it's all depends on the person I guess,..

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I have been screwed by Hostmonster before and this is another good reason why I stay away from them. As for CommentQueen, I think such people are the main cause of spams these days.

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Also, there is a file limit numer ! ! !

heir limit is 50 thousands file. You may think that 50 thousands file is a lot, but in reality it is not. Many software uses thousands of small files, for example there are more than 1800 files on gallery2 (typical install, english only), there are more than 1000 files for wordpress. Joomla with virtuemart will use more than 6000 files. I think this new limit has something to do with their new UNLIMITED HOSTING offer.

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im never heard about it, hostmosnters? that name is so uniquee