tvTonight - Thursday October 1, 2009

Damn you, Thursday Nights! Why are all these great shows on the same night?

At smileym, it's Flash Forward or Vampire Diaries or Bones. Each one is different enough not to compete stylistically with each other, but all are still great to watch. (I'm not a Survivor fan, and I don't care much for comedies.)

9PM is tougher. Grey's Anatomy is starting to get my interest again. (I really only watch for Bailey and the Chief - they should have gotten their own show instead of Addison.) CSI: holds little interest for me - Even with Sara back for a bit. Supernatural can be fun, but the whole Angels thing bores me a bit. And Fringe has its moments, especially when they revisit Bell in the other New York.

The 10pm slot is easy for me - The Mentalist all the way. I've hated Private Practice since the backdoor pilot, and I'm not giving Jay Leno any more of my time. (The ten minutes I've already given his show is time I'll never get back.


smileyM - Flash Forward - smiley NEW - Olivia meets the man she'll cheat with
9PM - Grey's Anatomy - smiley NEW - and let the layoffs begin...
10PM - Private Practice - NEW - Season Premier - Will Violet live?


smileyM - Survivor: Samoa - NEW
9PM - CSI: - NEW - drug dealer and porn producer murdered
10PM - The Mentalist - NEW smiley


smileyM - Vampire Diaries - NEW
9PM - Supernatural - NEW - Dean does some time-travelin'


smileyM - Bones - smiley NEW - Amish Rumspringa goes bad
9PM - Fringe - NEW - train station bombing in Philly


smileyM - SNL Weekend Update Thursday - NEW
8:30 - Parks and Recreation - NEW
9PM - The Office - NEW
9:30 - Community - NEW
10PM - Jay Leno Show - Chris Rock



In Germany, it`s similar. There are days where there is nothing interesting on TV and other days where you really can`t decide. The good stuff is mostly on TV on weekends. During weekdays there are quite a few American serials. Movies are on TV on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Johannes Uhren's picture

I definetly agree with Raul. TV is wasting time. In the week there are these series which are so uninteresting, in my opinion, that this should get no attention.

Sarah's picture

Lol, I live in New Zealand and right now there is nothing worth watching on TV except for the movies on Sunday and Saturday nights (on 4 different channels at the same time, so it is a frustrating choice!)