tvTonight - October 2 & 3, 2009

Friday October 2, 2009

I'll start off with SYFY's new series Stargate Universe smiley which debuts at 9PM tonight. The more adult take on the franchise looks interesting if it's not compared to, say, Star Trek: Voyager.

ABC has an encore of Flash Forward at smileyM. I'm glad ABC is doing this, since I missed yesterday's showing. That's followed by an encore of The Forgotten, which I'll forget. And the night ends with 20/20

CBS has it's paranormal line-up of Ghost Whisperer and Medium followed at 10PM with NUMB3RS smiley.

CW is Smallville at smileyM followed by an encore of America's Next Top Model.

FOX still hasn't canceled Brothers yet (smileyM), which isn't surprising since they haven't canceled 'Til Death (8:30) for some reason. Really, is there a reason that show is still on? At 9PM, it's Dollhouse with Echo as a mom with issues.

NBC is Law & Order original, Dateline NBC, and Jay Leno Show.

Saturday October 3, 2009

ABC is Football or Local Programing.

CBS is repeats of CSI:NY, Criminal Minds and a new 48 Hours Mystery.

CW is local programming.

FOX is Cops and America's Most Wanted.

NBC has an encore of Trauma at 9PM between two old repeats of Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU.



Joel Saucedo's picture

I was a big fan of Stargate but I'm not totally sold on the new series. Maybe it will grow on me but it doesn't seem to have the same pull the old series had. I was wondering what else might be on half way through and that's not something that ever happened before. I'm crossing my fingers that the show gets more exciting 'cause I need my Stargate fix!

I am also a big fan of Stargate and agree with Joel when he says that the old series is definitely better than the new one. But who knows...maybe it will get more involving! I really hope so!

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I am very much glad to know about the Stargate Universe, it is really very interesting series. As you have mentioned in your article, i hope it will be interesting. Anyways keep it up and keep sharing.

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Thanks for the article, this will prove like useful information for my class! Thanks

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Thanks for the post.. is this your latest? I hope you are OK because your posts seem to just stop!

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My all time favourite will always be star wars, I never manage to get hocked on Star gate or Star trek, maybe because it was series and not movies.

But of course i am always open for some new stuff (-:


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I used to watch Stargate with my family (the old series), never really got into it the same as I did with Sliders. Haven't watched any of the new version - is it any good? I love travel-to-another-dimension series, but found the old Stargate pretty boring.

I love Smallville. The old season has just ended in New Zealand. I don't know when the next season will start.