tvTonight - Tuesday September 29, 2009

Last week I really enjoyed the "Truth or Consequences" episode of NCIS where Tony and McGee rescued Ziva. Sure, the end had a lot of artistic license (how would Gibbs go from the point he shot to the hall in such a short time) but it was still a great episode (and had over 20 million viewers.)

NCIS: Los Angeles, however, I'm not too keen on. I didn't like the back-door pilot and this show just doesn't do much for me. I guess I just like the team at DC better.


smileyM - Shark Tank - NEW
9PM - Dancing With the Stars - NEW - results
10PM - The Forgotten - NEW


smileyM - NCIS smiley - NEW the aftermath of Ziva's return
9PM - NCIS: Los Angelest - NEW - the case of a murdered drug dealer
10PM - The Good Wife - NEW


smileyM - 90210 - NEW
9PM - Melrose Place - NEW


smileyM - Hell's Kitchen - NEW
9PM - So You Think You Can Dance - NEW - auditions continue


smileyM - Biggest Loser - NEW
10PM - Jay Leno Show - NEW - Julia Louis-Dreyfus


10pm - Sons of Anarchy - NEW


That Show Sucks's picture

It's interesting how several series have started this 2 or 3 city show, meaning they have the same show but in different locations. I don't care for NCIS LA either.

What do you think of the new Jay Leno Show? I think it has its moments.

I third you. I've always been a fan of NCIS, but NCIS LA is just a step down.

Kevin of Strength and Fitness Blog's picture

I like watching the Biggest Loser--always great to see "real" people getting in shape and improving their lives.