tvTonight - Thursday September 17, 2009

The new TV series really begins to pick up steam tonight! Fox has the season premiers of both Bones and Fringe. NBC's comedy lineup is all new, too.

CW has new Vampire Diaries and Supernatural and CBS gives us the premier of Survivor: Samoa. (Can't say I'm into Survivor.)

Discovery, however, seems to be getting desperate for reality shows. Tonight it has Man Vs. Fish. Seriously. Catfish.


smileyM - Grey's Anatomy - repeat - last season's finale two-parter
10PM - Private Practice - repeat - last season's finale one-parter


smileyM - Survivor: Samoa - NEW - Season Premier
9PM - CSI: - repeat - poker chip
10PM - The Mentalist - repeat


smileyM - Vampire Diaries - smiley NEW - is this going to be a guilty pleasure show?
9PM - Supernatural - NEW


smileyM - Bones smiley - NEW - season premier - Booth returns six weeks after last season's coma-induced finale
9PM - Fringe -smiley NEW Congress investigates Olivia and company


smileyM - SNL Weekend Update - NEW
8:30 - Parks and Recreation - NEW - the zoo
9PM - The Office - NEW - the gossip
9:30 - 30 Rock - NEW - the.... something....
10PM - Jay Leno Show - NEW - the Noisemakers...


Paralegal Job Board's picture

The fascination with vampires hit me harder today when I learned that there's a show called "Vampire Diaries." Of course, I learned that from this site, looking at this TV lineup. I saw Twilight - I'd give that a "meh" rating (could definitely live without it, and I suspect that if you took away teenaged girls the movie would have done poorly). True Blood, on the other hand, is something special. This, of course, goes outside the network TV box, but it's just too good (had to mention it in conjunction with this whole vampire thing that's going on these days). Bram Stoker would be proud.