The Cleveland Show Initial Thoughts

I started watching The Cleveland Show and then somewhere between the talking bear and Cleveland telling Federline (I think it was a take on Kevin Federline - and I don't care if I misspelled anything there) I completely lost interest in the show.

In fact, I found it pretty much horrible. So bad, in fact, that it made miss King of the Hill - a show that I never really liked.

Hell, American Dad was more enjoyable than The Cleveland Show. And that's saying something!

I did enjoy Family Guy. Didn't make sense, but had a great time on Brian and Stewie's journey.

So anyone else not like (or actually did enjoy) Cleveland?


Petrus's picture

So I find Family Guy the best. I hate American Dad.

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I watch The Cleveland Show because of all the free time i have 4 now but family guy comes second after the good ol` The Simpsons show ... american dad and the cleveland show are just a cheap rip off of The Simpsons