Octomom's on tonight

Fox is having it's Octomom special tonight.

If it gets more than 7 million viewers, it'll just prove that America loves talentless trainwrecks.

UPDATE: What a loser! Fox only had 4.2 million total viewers (according to the LA Times) which is, of course, 4.199 million too many.


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It sounds interesting and sensational! I'll tell my friends then and thax for the information!^_^

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yeah! i agree, thanks for the info, i didn't know the show, and i'm going to watch it as soon as i can, because i heard very good opinions about it. Also i want to tell you i love the photo on the top of your blog, where is that place? it looks like a town where i used to expend my holidays!

this woman is vile, she totally had kids for the wrong reason, how does she take care of them all?

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"Talentless trainwrecks"! smiley.gif" alt="smiley"/> I love the show!

I loved the show! Actually I thouoght that more viewers would watch the show. It was sensational.