I still hate Conan O'Brien

NBC made a huge mistake putting Conan on at 11:30.

I could only stand about a minute of the monologe - but it was the same shit he had at his old show. It was Conan jumping around and waving his hands and being a dumb-ass. It was sad and pathetic. And I won't watch it again.

In fact, my 11:30 choice is now NightLine.

(The above is an update to an earlier post - 2007, actually.)

I did catch Jack Hanna on Letterman. Is it just me, or is Hanna losing his mind? He would answer completely different questions that Letterman asked of him. It was weird. (But I do enjoy the animal episodes.)


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Haha I guess you don't know what funny is when you see it

I am on the same page about Conan O'Brien. I just don't find him that funny. There are so many great comediens available and we are stuck with Conan and Craig Ferguson. Im miss Craig Kilborn and would love to see Louie CK somewhere back on TV, although preferably on cable.

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He thinks he is, but he's not.

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You've got to be kidding right? I tried watching Leno's last monologue and completely understood why they let him go. The guy has TERRIBLE delivery and writing. Conan is very refreshing and I like his monologue energy, even though some of the writing could be better. Otherwise, good show now that Conan's on.

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Conan's the worst thing to happen to late night tv since Chevy Chase.

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I love Chelsea Lately on E! I hope she gets picked up by one of the big networks in the future.


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I have to agree the tonight with conan realy sucks. I can't believe this idiot gets a new show and uses the same old tired jokes and skits that he has been using for far too many years now. The the same old andy richter back and forth bs, what's that all about. If he were a real comedian he would come up with some way better jokes. What a loser, and his pro republican jokes are just WRONG for a blue state like California.
We want Jay Leno Back!!!!! CONAN SUCKS!!!!

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I agree that Conan sucks as a comedian. He wrote good stuff on the Simpsons, but he doesn't know how to tell a joke. Aside from the jokes, he just makes stupid faces and does stupid dances--not funny. I don't care though, because I always preferred Letterman to Leno, so I'm just sticking with Dave.

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True, Conan Sucks. His fake laugh and stupid pirate imitations that happen every 2 seconds get on my nerves. But if you had a brain the size of a pea you would know that Conan is a liberal.

The only good thing about that show is that he had the drummer from Springsteen's E-street Band on there.

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Who is Conan? Is he really sucks?

Shit comes in different shapes and he is one of those. I am wondering who like him and need to watch his interview.

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You people are ridiculous. If you didn't like Conan, you probably didn't watch his old show, so how would you know he's being his same old self. You probably saw one episode and decided you didn't like Conan. I bet you all love George Lopez...

I can understand that Conan can be easily hated, but I would ask you to give him a second chance. Once you get used to him he can be pretty hilarious.

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No second chances for Conan.

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Man Conan o Brian is really the dumbest thing on TV.
No matter what, dont watch him!

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I hate CONAN O'BRIEN on the tonight show.
He's not in the same comedy league as Jay.

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Conan is the best. What the truck is wrong with all of you.

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Pro-republican jokes, are you serious. Conan bashes Republicans constantly. Even though President Bush has been out of office for 6 months now, he is still bashed regularly by Conan. During the campaign, Conan was all over McCain, and Palin, never a joke about Obama.

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I thought Conan was ok altho I had never seen his show due it being on so late. But just seeing him one time and I no longer even bother except to see if there is a guest on I want to see. I don't find him witty, clever, funny or entertaining and his constant moving around during the monologue..that leg back, leg forward thing just drives me nuts. Very disappointed in him, the skits, the whole show. Not crazy about Dave either but I'm watching him now and then. I'm a big fan of Jay and eagerly await his return in September.

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Conan was the worst choice to replace Leno. Whart the hell was NBC thinking. Did they poll anyone? Did they really watch his previous show. He has no cleas, no interview sjkill, and is not funny. He is stuopid and so are his writers. NBC lost me during that time frame.

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I just can not stand this guy!! I have been dreading him taking over since I heard about it .

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This is the most horrible host I have ever seen in my 52 yrs. I can not stand him. I miss Leno
Conan is just plain stupid to anyone who has a clue. Conan is just a fake dancing fool.

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I for one have tried to watch Conan many times, some of them after he took over for Leno, and I can say with great authority that he could not be funny if lives were depending on it. Giving the Tonight Show to him as the person to succeed Leno is nothing more than NBC sabotaging their own company. I have heard that Conan used to write for The Simpsons, and I never noticed a drop in show quality which leads me to believe that it had no effect when he left and might have improved the show. Any comedian the relies on a traveling desk and a rubber puppet really does not even belong at a-list clubs let alone on tv.

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Can't get through one full show of his yet !! He is so out of it that he actually thinks he's funny and the poor sycophant audience just laps it up. His physical twitches and gyrations are embarrassing. His sidekick Richter still seems lost, as always. The idiotic Max, the drummer, seems like he's on a permanent high with his ever-constant silly grin.
I'm sure that you have all noticed how O'brien HAS to up-one on avery guest that actually IS funny ?? He is always trying to get the last laugh which shows how pathetically insecure he is, even after 15 years. There's no accounting for taste.
NBC screwed up with him (and also with Fallon). The SNL crowd and its auxiliaries (yeh - Conan) are all over Hollywood, which just can't seem to come up with new talent - just rehash same old retreads from television-lal la land. Can't fathom how movies with Sandler or Ferrell actually are hits ????? Is America really brain-dead ????

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OMFG! You're so freakin' right! Conan is not funny at all! Jay was so much better and his chemistry with Kevin and John worked! Conan meanwhile...his monologue sucks and that Andy Richter is so annoying and his forced laugh and the inter-reaction he has with Conan is just ANNOYING!

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Conan drives me crazy for all the reasons above. I would find myself yelling at the TV telling Conan to stand still, stop reading the que cards, stop flapping his hands, and stop explaining a joke whether he actually said one that was funny or one that bombed. For the life of me, I can not understand why he is still on. I check in about once a month to see if he has changed. I won't be checking in ever again.

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What do they promise the audience if they laugh at Conan's jokes? I have yet to hear him say anything that would even put a smile on my face.

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Craig Ferguson bribes his guests with candy.

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I just Goggled "I hate Conan O'Brien" and I found this post. I sooooooo don't like his show!!! We had Jay Leno and he was FUNNY and AMUSING! Conan is neither. His show insults my intelligence w/ the childish toy car set ups, cats in catboxes, fake "monsters", etc., etc., etc. There is nothing about his show I can tolerate. For this first time in 2 decades I have stopped watching "The Tonight Show". I will watch Jay Leno's show when he comes on. We are thinking we will record his show when it comes on at 10 p.m., then watch it at 11:30. That way we can have a decent late night show to watch!!!

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Wow, I too googled "I hate Conan Obrien" and found this post. I thought it was just because I'm not American and didn't understand his jokes, but I'm glad to be reassured that he is just not funny. David Caruso's one liners at the start of CSI are funnier - and I hate him too!!

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I never would have thought to compare Conan and Caruso. Conan and Caruso's one-liners both make me want to vomit.

Of course I've come to realize that CSI:Miami is a comedy, and Conan O'Brien isn't.

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I enjoyed Conan back when he had his old show, and I never really cared for Leno (only opposed to Letterman, that is), but I am embarrassed to watch Conan now. I thought it would be great, and I did think it was strong for about the first week, but now it's just complete shit. Really, it's total crap. I don't understand why people actually enjoy watching it, really. It's not mature enough to be Leno, but it's not zany enough to be, say, Tim and Eric. It's crap.

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I also enjoyed Conan back when he had his old show.

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One facial expression is enough to crack me up

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I try to give something a chance before I completely dis it. I watched conans old show two or three times and I simply cant stand him. I agree with a previous comment about his stupid pirate acts like every two seconds. But its so much more than that. He is corny to the point that it pisses me off. When I heard he was replacing Leno I was shocked. Leno has been the highest rated talk show host for the past 14 years and they want to let him go!?

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Please dont watch this stupid TV! Give Conan no chance! smiley

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I tried to watch Conan many times in the past and now again I TOTALLY HATE HIM, whomever though of him replacing Jay Leno should be fired!
His jokes are not funny, his delivery stinks and he is a liberal pushing his agenda. Why I liked Leno was because he stayed in the middle. I don't need no corpse looking freak pushing his liberal views I want to laugh, for that I can watch CNN...well, any other network...mm...

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Man Conan o Brian is really the dumbest thing on TV.
No matter what, dont watch him!

tats right edgar smiley

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I never liked Obrien either. Although some of his jokes are funny i dony like him because he acts like an idiot. I guess more like a clown than a comedian....

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If he wasn't so conceited or self-indulgent he would be okay. But, he's not. He interrupts guests without regard, to toss in some petty fart joke. And when he's not giving his less than inspiring impressions, he's touting his alma mater. I.e."Harvard", "Harvard", "Harvard", one after a-[expletive]ing-nother, just blowing out his [expletive]ing [expletive].


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Watching Conan O'Brien really is a waste of time... He has no manners and no respect.

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I dont think too many people will stay up to 1130 just to watch Conan. When it comes to either Conan or Sleep, I will choose sleep every time.

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Pull your head out of your ass! Conan sucks! I record Craig Ferguson on my DVR and play him instead of Conad the untalented.

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Conan is completely NOT FUNNY or entertaining, and honestly I find him an eyesore. I bet Carson is rolling over in his grave to know that the show that he built into a late night wonder is now in the hands of a bumbling idiot --- UGGGHHH

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34 to 7 posts we agree he blows chunks.

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I disagree, I think COnan is Funny, but what helps him is that he is do damn ugly.

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I dunno about you but I love conan! Unlike the other guys out there, he's not afraid to make fu of himself.. I love Jay Leno too, but I sometimes feel awkward when watching his interviews, cause I can see the pressure on his face when he has to go to commercial.. With Conan, on the other hand, he's very natural. Plus, his jokes are always smart! I guess dumb people don't get why he's funny.. smiley

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I agree with the above comment. I used to think Conan was not funny, but later I realized it was just because I didn't know anything about the United States or celebrities (and I wasn't that good in English either back then).

I just don't get what's everybody's problem with him! I love him, he's entertaining, and his jokes are funny. Or most of them are, but honestly, you can't expect him to rock every joke. Most talk show hosts put me to sleep, but Conan makes me laugh. I'm actually becoming quite obsessed with Tonight Show, which is probably how I found my way here... I wish I hadn't though, all these people bashing him make me sad.

How can you judge someone if you watch one minute of his monologue? Honestly, the monologues aren't the funniest part of his shows. The funniest are the unscripted jokes that are all Conan.

Moreover, I think his appeal is that he is NOT fake. He's mainteaned his own way to do things, and seriously. Even for that you should have some respect for him, however much you might hate him.

(...yeah I know. I should publish a novel named "OMG CONAN IS AWESOMECAKES".)

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i am really tired of conan complaining that the audience doesn't like his jokes, and always commenting when the audience does like his joke. if no one likes it, move on. he's been on for many months now, get used to it and go with the flow.

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haha, I think it was funny, hehe..
give him second time...

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Pros vs. Cons of Conan

Pros: Some of Conan;ss skits are very funny, like going to Finland, the Universal Backlot tour, blowing up a car, just to name a few.
- He is undoubtedly smart, and when he hits a joke on a monologue, it can be brilliant

-Conan FANS, and Conan think acting zany is so hilarious. Just because that's his signature style, does not equal funny. It's rather annoying, and very hit and miss
-Conan has terrible chemistry and timing with Andy Richter, it's like an engine misfiring. Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks save bad jokes, and simply create funny tangents because of their awesome chemistry.
-Conan's delivery of the monologue ends up being far too choppy because of his foolishness. If I want standup or something else, i will go elsewhere, people tune in late-night to wind down with a good monologue. Yes for all those who say they hate Leno, he has ruled late night for yearsss, with fans young and old.

Leno's 10 o' clock show was not so great, the order of events was also mixed up. Overall his staples like Jaywalking are hilarious, and he doesn't need to overact to deliver his jokes.

I've also seen some articles saying Leno is too mainstream, and people validate their hatred of Leno by virtue of that. Conan is on the same friggin network, and is far more mainstream than regional or local comedians. Give the tired old "mainstream" thing a rest.

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I don't believe they did take a poll over what the people would like. Conan and Jay aren't in the same league. Jay is a seasoned comedian. Funny, talented and tasteful. Conan's sense of humor goes right to the gutter and toilet. If you have half a brain you don't find anything he says funny. My children, my husband and I all loved to record Jay and watch him together. It was clean, funny and we all could enjoy it together. The same can not be said for Conan. Just because he's younger doesn't mean he's better. Experience helped make Jay Leno great. We still love watching Jay and are sad to hear that his 10:00 show will be moving and shortened. They should shorten Conan. We still love you Jay and we'll be watching!

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I thought Conan was great when he first got started. The past few years his act seems old and tired.

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I never liked Obrien either. I think I have another sense of humor...

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Conan's style is mix of very infantile type of slapstick and satire - and he cannot even present it properly with ease. All which seems to appeal to those that might not understand anything of reasoning or are just too bombed out one way or other that would laugh even to straight canned laughter. Now of course it is even fueling those that love to somehow feel his rebellion is theirs too. Scanning the internet and also seeing what worshippers of his would do a rally for him just speaks for itself. To be honest, I would rather watch Comedy Hour, Last Comic Standing or go to a local comedy club to see much BETTER comedy then Conehead's. There are much better talk show hosts out there then him, they are just placed in the wrong time slots. I do not hate him but totally do not think he is funny at all. I have seen too much of his style in way past school classrooms I've gone to when some kids that want to be attracting some lost attention to themselves. What those that seem to think he is the ONLY ONE, they do not even realize that with supporting him so much that it's just earning him big bucks for doing nothing worth such. He CAN be replaced by any NEW better host/comedian if only the networks would want to see to such. AND the way he wants to disrespect the network that he fairly or unfairly held a contract with it's got to be some lamebrain from now on that will be worse then present one to hire him or allow him to have a show of his own. The minute he will be asked to sway some few minutes to accomodate something else or work along with someone more popular he will be a stubborn child and stump his way into wanting dollars to bail out of there or have HIS way. It is a way that some progress but he has no limits and no timing that is suitable for such. There is a time to use satire but to over do it then what craziness is it?

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I have never thought Conan was funny. I hate him and his retarded floppy hair and his spastic personality. He's the biggest loser I've ever seen on tv. Jay isn't much better (I miss Johnny Carson) but he is actually funny sometimes and his professionalism makes for a much more enjoyable show. I think NBC and Leno screwed up big time but at least now we can relax knowing that in September this adventure through the Twilight Zone will finally end! Conan O'Brien sucks ass and he should be pulled from the major networks for being such an annoying loser! Put him on the internet only and let the tasteless freaks who enjoy his tacky delivery of terrible "jokes" watch his flailing crack-addict performance whenever they want. I have a feeling that even if Conan were available to watch 24/7 his ratings would still suck! Just bring Seinfeld back if NBC is so hell-bent on having an annoying semi-humorous comedian on its payroll. I can take Seinfeld over Conan the Loser any day!

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I have never thought Conan was funny. I hate him and his retarded floppy hair and his spastic personality. He's the biggest loser I've ever seen on tv. Jay isn't much better (I miss Johnny Carson) but he is actually funny sometimes and his professionalism makes for a much more enjoyable show. I think NBC and Leno screwed up big time but at least now we can relax knowing that in September this adventure through the Twilight Zone will finally end! Conan O'Brien sucks ass and he should be pulled from the major networks for being such an annoying loser! Put him on the internet only and let the tasteless freaks who enjoy his tacky delivery of terrible "jokes" watch his flailing crack-addict performance whenever they want. I have a feeling that even if Conan were available to watch 24/7 his ratings would still suck! Just bring Seinfeld back if NBC is so hell-bent on having an annoying semi-humorous comedian on its payroll. I can take Seinfeld over Conan the Loser any day!

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dont let the door hit your ass on the way out. And Dave Letterman doesn't give a shit about you, he doesn't think you are funny either, he really liked how easy it was to beat you. I hated Jimmy Fallon for years, but now, watching his Late Night Show, he is putting in major energy and showmanship, that Conan could not even fathom. His show, for being so new, has promise. Conan has a masturbating bear? COME ON. NOT COMEDY GOLD <smiley

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Jay - funny; Conan - has his moments; BUT, Conan has that smarmy way about him that can sicken viewers in big bunches. Turn them off like a switch, regardless of how much talent he may or may not possess. You will never command a large, diverse mainstream following like this. The talent may be there, but the delivery package turns too many off - leaves many on the fringe and more than just turned off, while his faithful don't "get it", and plead that, "well you must not have watched him" etc. Maybe they are not getting it. What may taste sweet to them tastes acrid to many, many others - right from the get go. And enter Jay Leno. Not smarmy, funny, willing to laugh at his own expense, tasteful, appears non-partisan/makes jokes of all but does not take it too far.
Last, the numbers don't lie. You cannot deny the slide in viewers since O'Brien took over. Personally, I choose Craig Ferguson over Conan. Many who do stick with his seamless, off the cuff monologue and great interviews. Cheers,
Edmonton Alberta

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Wow, I stumbled into the mecca of Conan haters. All I have to say is comedy is subjective, different people find different things funny. If you don't like him that's fine but you're fooling yourself if you think that he just stumbled into all of his success without being funny. Hearing stories about how much time all of these late night hosts put into their shows makes me respect all of them (even Leno who I don't think is funny at all and has very low character.) Conan puts his life into his work and all of his success is deserved. While all of you may not find him funny there are millions and millions of people who worship him (me included). There are a lot of comedians I respect and think are hilarious like Chris Rock, Steve Carrell, Ricky Gervais and in the future they will be seen as some of the greatest comedians of their time, but there are very few comedians whom are seen as revolutionaries, people like Charlie Chaplin or Johnny Carson, where when you look back at a certain period of time you automatically think of them. When you see the support that Conan evoked you see that he isn't just some comedian telling some jokes he's ingrained in a whole generation of people and he will be seen as one of these select few.

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i love conan. hes awsome.
btw wtf this guy above me?

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conan just started airing on the Comedy Network. I wrote to them telling them what a mistake that is. Conan is just annoying. Its hard to believe anyone likes him. He probably only has appeal to the South Park generation, and there is one of the worse pieces of programming ever. Amazing how people can become rich with no talent other than being a big annoying jerks.

Can TV programming become more banal that it currently is ?

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Ok all you people saying don't give him a chance...What if the world gave you no chance? What if you didn't have the right to say this stuff? Don't diss other people who like Conan or try to convince them that he is the worst thing ever.
Honestly I've seen all of late night shows here is how they rank and how I usually see people rank them
Kimmel- Hate kimmels, but sometimes others find the various kimmel's funny but most of the people I know who like Kimmel are very depressing people
Letterman-If you are a die hard fan of him, you probably haven't noticed like the rest of us have that he hasn't been good since the 90's.
Jay- Good but losing his audience because people are starting to see through him
Conan- Not good with NBC the tonight show but when he had his own show he was tops as well as now since he is on TBS
Craig Ferguson- Funny as hell at night and sometimes in cameo appearances but during the day he is lovable but not as funny as you remember. Since you're tired at that late hour it makes his show like being on some sort of journey.

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I haven't seen Conan's new show on TBS. (Should TBS' slogan be changed to "Very Annoying" now?)

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I gave him a chance. I've watched him 3 times. Biggest waste of my time ever. He's not funny. I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else that he is the worst thing ever. He is. If you don't see that then there is something wrong with your brain. The fact that this ugly moron has made millions of dollars for the last 20 years doing this crappy show is why we hate him.

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I tried to watch Conan when he first started on the Tonight Show,and he SUCKED. And then NBC pwned him with Leno. XD

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Conan is on Irish tv now every night. I would put his show on two or three times for about 10mins and was like wtf is this what passes for comedy in the states? now thats funny! Then i thought but wait what about its always sunny in philly, family guy, bill hicks et al, really funny stuff imo. And yeah I have seen jay leno before too and although I would not be a big fan I could endure his show but I gave up on conan he's a tit!

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I like Conan. I find him funny!

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Right now I intensely dislike Conan O'Brien for my own reasons that I am sure others will not agree with. He is going to officiate a gay wedding on one of his shows. I think this is only for publicity and not a sincere move. Aside from that I do not approve for personal reasons and now I no longer like him and will not watch or support him in any way. Whew, got that off my chest.

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I watched him a few times. He can be very funny sometimes.

John's picture

Different strokes for different folks. Sometimes we like different things, sometimes we disagree. Everybody is entitled to his own opinion. Personally, I like watching Conan and I also like watching Jay Leno.

Joy's picture

He was actually the writer and producer of The Simpsons for awhile. He's a really talented person.

bob's picture

Conan is not funny. Period. This is not opinion it is fact. The shows he wrote for on the simpsons were the most unfunny episodes they ever released. If you find conan funny you are mentally retarded.

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Conan's form of comedy would be better on a sit com not late night TV if i was TBS id fire him before he asks for more large amounts of money or at least bump him down to one of their new sitcoms they pull out of their ass every other week

evlilik sitesi's picture

Conan is very funny. if you dont like him. dont watch. i love him.

evlilik sitesi's picture

The content of the show occasionally strayed to places he is never gone on TV, with a smattering of profanities tossed in to give the show an edgier feel.

toplu mail's picture

Stop pushing him on everyone. The audience has spoken, long ago.

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