tvTonight - Monday April 27, 2009

It's finale time for NBC. Chuck (which may not be back for a third season - at least, it hasn't been picked up yet) and Heroes (may have a better chance of returning) give us their best. (At least Heroes has improved these last few episodes.)

House may be giving viewers what they don't want in the Chase/Cameron wedding. But before they can get married, they have to survive the bachelor party. And we're still waiting for the House/Cuddy sex episode.

My Picks:
House (smileym, FOX)
Chuck (smileym, NBC)
Heroes (9pm, NBC)


smileyM - Dancing With The Stars - NEW
9:30 - Surviving Suburbia - NEW - 40 days of sex
10PM - Castle - NEW - a woman is found drowned in a bathtub of motor oil. (Insert joke here at your own risk.)


smileyM - Big Bang Theory - NEW
8:30 - How I Met Your Mother - NEW
9PM - Two and a Half Men - NEW
9:30 - Rules of Engagement - NEW
10PM - CSI:Miami - - NEW - bachelorette tv dating show thing.


smileyM - Gossip Girl - NEW - OMG! Georgina's back! And good? Say it aint so!
9PM - One Tree Hill - NEW - Nick Lachey


smileyM - smileyHouse - NEW - Chase's Bachelor party. What could possibly go wrong?
9PM - 24 - NEW - Jack's not better yet. But it's only 3am.


smileyM - smileyChuck - NEW - season 2 finale. Chuck's next mission? Getting renewed for a third.
9PM - smileyHeroes - NEW - season 3 finale - someone - as in a hero - dies.
10PM - Medium - NEW - demonic stalker conclusion



Niki's picture

Yea, sounds like a typical sunday night with popcorn and beer smiley

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I tought the same last monday. A typical sunday night. Seeya.