The Kings is dead...

It seems that NBC has canceled Kings. I'm not surprised about this - I don't think anyone is. I think I have more favorite shows on the CW than NBC right now. But Kings was a though sell to the audience though. It wasn't action; it was pretty cerebral. I thought it had potential and that it would get better before long (like Journeyman which did improve with time - just as it was also canceled.)

I think NBC will be airing the rest of the episodes of Kings, so the other dozen or so fans don't have to worry much. Details on the remaining episodes.

And at least we got to see Ian McShane again. I miss him in Deadwood.

There will be a Kings - Season One DVD available.


Niki's picture

I agree to you that no one will miss Kings - was quite not a good entertainment.

DLR's picture

I will miss kings it was shakespearsmileyible+soap=excellence. I have even preordered the DVD

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Kings is great television. I guess it just didn't have enough cops/drugs/hiphop/comedians..

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Kings made you think.

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Kings is a wonderful show, the best I've seen in a long time. The problem isn't that it's too intelectual, it's the time slot. I don't know anyone who watches tv on saturday or sunday night. I hope NBC will reconsider continuing the show and just find a different time slot.