Terminator Terminated? Huh?

Just when I thought NBC had the stupidest television executives on the planet, FOX may be prepared to cancel Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. (Source)

After a really good season 2 finale that set up a whole new ball game for the show, and a Terminator MOVIE set to debut soon, canceling this show just doesn't make any sense. At all.

A MOVIE! Sure, it may not tie in really well, but it would bring more attention to the series.



i'm not surprised, networks are so gunshy they don't want to commit to anything, as soon as the show starts to lose viewers they pull it. i hope they realize their errors soon, because we are losing too many shows.

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we're stuck with Law & Orders and CSI:Whatevers. (Now I do enjoy CSI: and NY, but can't stand Law & Order.)

If a network tries to push the envelope - Pushing Daisies, for instance - and the ratings just aren't as good as they think they should, it'll be canceled. Which is a shame. And it's no wonder that basic cable is doing as well as some networks (NBC, CW).

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come on FOX why did you cancel the show ???

please finish with a season 3 ... you cant leave me hanging after such a huge cliffhanger ending of season 2

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I don't know about you, but I liked the movie....I think it was a refreshing new viewpoint other than the Arnold days of "I'll be back" But then Mr. Batman, I hear is rather hard to work with. Oh well, those high maintenance actors! GL