Kings (NBC) DVD

Kings DVDKings - Season One will be available later this year. (Shame NBC just decided to cancel the show instead of finding a new timeslot that would work better for it - if such a slot existed.)


I am glad they are going to put the whole first season out on dvd, i think it was a really cool show and i'd like to see what they had in store, you never know maybe it'll make a comeback.

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Bring the show back, it was great...they didn't even give it a chance to gather a following...

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It's NBC. Did you expect they'd actually air all the episodes?

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If season 1 is on DVD, I'm assuming there is not an end within the same season. If there is not an end, why bother putting it on DVD? The consumer will only buy something that is incomplete. Or am I wrong?

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i really like this show. it's smart and an unusual story. i.e., entertaining as opposed to simply filling space between commercials, as many shows now are. the question here is; why should i watch nbc, or buy the dvd sets, when the network itself has no belief in their programs?

this show, like too many other promising series got no backing after the first week. we don't live in the 1900s anymore, guys. there's a lot of things for people to do besides watch t.v. now.

if you want our viewership, you'll have to work for it from now on. that means quality shows, your commitment to growth and giving a show time to gel.

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Used to be Fox would cancel shows before giving them time and now NBC, as it's trying to move back up to the #2 or 3 spot, is looking for an image or gimmick.

Kings would probably have worked better on USA or even SyFy.

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Kings actually brought some academics to the table, both entertaining and challenging the audience's mind. To create a modern day story of David in such complex and vivid symbolism was a breath of fresh air... one that I will sincerely miss next fall.

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i love this show, i watched every episode at least 3 times online, i watched in the begining on sundays and then it got scrapped for miss usa and the apprentice junk, come on, look this is a great show with a wonderful story and amazing actors, its the story of king david, and well i like the new spin on it, i love all the actors, and well we get lil m. culkin back on the tube and thats good too. they need to bring the show back even if its not on NBC, it needs to be on another network, its too good to pass up, come on theres been like 9 seasons of idol and thats garbage, or how bout all the law and orders? NBC is making a mistake by not bringing it back,,, oh and chuck too and heros, but i would gladly give all of them up for another shot at kings. better story and acting too. KINGS IS AWSOME!!!

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This show is amazing! I had absolutely NO intention of watching it when I first saw the previews but found myself curious so I watched it online. I was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY! I like many other appreciate all of the aspects that make it unlike any other show on tv. The parallels to the David and Goliath story, the manner in which the characters speak, the feeling of being in both modern yet historical times - it is all AMAZING!

I have found myself upset with the programming that has been on tv lately, but shows like Kings and Pushing Daisies gave me hope (both shows that networks higher ups decided to cancel). When are the execs going to realize that good programming - not game shows, and stupid dance competitions, or scripted "reality" shows - is what we need on tv.

I beg that you all find a time slot that works and allow kings to find its way. It is a show that deserves to be on the air!

cant wait to see this on DVD. I cant believe NBC couldn't find a time slot to put this in. Even if later at night, so many people have tivo these days. come on NBC.

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Well, Kings was doomed to fail because it reportedly cost $4M/episode. That would make it among the most expensive on TV. With costs like that, it would have to be a top-rated show on *any* network. I'm not sure it could have done it. Maybe with Idol as a lead-in.

You can however buy the whole series, in HD, from Amazon via electronic download. If you buy a Blu Ray, for a limited time you get $5/off a download. It was free. You also get all the eps in Standard Def if you want them too (included with HD). The funny thing is that the standard-def season costs $20+, so I'm not sure if this is a pricing error... At any rate, act soon! I haven't seen a Blu Ray pre-order, so this was a great (and cheap) way to buy KIngs. I would have gladly re-bought for special features, but no way I'm spending $50 for the old DVD set.

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Did you read the article in Time this week about the Jay Leno show? Basically they are using it to replace the high production costs of prime time shows like Kings. Evidently, they are looking to appeal to a smaller niche base, and the cost of a talk show is extremely cheaper than a high budget scripted drama. With the recent dogs like Knight Rider, and Kath and Kim, you gotta wonder what is NBC thinking?

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Kings never gained good TRP's, i agree they must have closed the show

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Just finished watching the pilot. Downloaded it from the Playstation network. I loved it, and will be downloading the rest of the season. I never even heard of this show before I saw it in the library. Too bad they cancelled it, the show was great!

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i am glad to watch it on DVD

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it's pitiful that a great show like Kings goes by the wayside while there's so much filth that's on tv.
bring it back! I'd watch it religiously

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Kings is a good show. I dont understand why the cancelled the show. I guess not enough people thought it was good. Anyway, at least they have the DVD so we can watch the show once more.

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I don't get it... They get you sucked in and then there is talk of no more!? I love this show! Bring it back and we will watch!

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