House - April 6, 2009 - Simple Explanation

I don't believe they did that.


(And for those wondering, the song at the end was Pete Yorn's "Lose You")


They actually killed the only one of the new characters that I liked. Seriously, it should have been Taub, and not Kutner.

And why can House only have really good episodes at the beginning and end of the season, and not in the middle? Last weeks with Mos Def was great. I thought this episode was great - House needs to find explanations for everthing - and he's still a bit haunted by Amber's death, I think.

Now if only they can hold on to the momentum through the House/Cameron 'thing' they've hinted at next week and the House/Cuddy sex episode.

And Meat Loaf was great, too.


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i liked kutner better as well, but after they put new people in i didn't like it as much as the originals.

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wat was the song that was played at the end

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