NCIS 'tragedy' - Tony or Ziva Doomed? :)

My Tony/Ziva sleeping together poll is up and I'm asking because I read that the last few episodes of NCIS Season 6 are very Tony/Ziva-centric. Add to those two the mysterious Michael Rifkin character that's part of Ziva's past and the word "tragic" bantered around, something big may be happening to a beloved character.

Personally, I don't want to see the two of them together - I rather enjoy the tension and the banter. It seems like mostly harmless fun, but you can tell there's chemistry there.

Plus, in the shows pilot, Agent Todd came to NCIS after quiting the Secret Service for having a relationship with a co-worker (of sorts.) And Gibbs implied that if she had an affair with someone at NCIS, he'd fire her. Will he fire or reassign Tony or Ziva if they get together. And it's not something they can keep secret, either. Gibbs knows.

Gibbs knows.


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Actually, Kate had to quit because she gave Gibbs classified information.

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Kate was shot by Ari, Ziva's half brother.

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What are you talking?!

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was that a legitimate question or just spam?

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I want Tony and Ziva together, and I think everything is pointing to them ending up together, or at least finally acknowledging their feelings. I don't know what this "tragedy" will be, but I hope it's nothing too tragic, and that that everything will work out in the end.

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A tragedy for Tony would be his favorite strip club being closed down for a few days to fumigate it.

I wonder if the tragedy would have anything to do with Ziva and her father - he should be in the season finale. Or something to do with this Michael Rifkin guy.

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Sorry seams that I am not up to date (too busy with my job and family) but the question was for real!

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I'd consider a main character dying tragedy. From some spoilers I read, it sounds like something may befall Ziva.

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if ziva's father is going to die.

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Too busy to keep up to date? Your not too busy now are you? Must be a Saturday night after the kiddies are gone to sleep. Many of us have jobs and kids YET we still have mastered the art of juggling all without sounding holier than thou.........

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If Tony and Ziva get together then it would kill the series just like Pam and Jim on The Office.

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I don't think so. When they end up together, there is no material for future episodes.
If I make series like this, I would leave it open all the time.