Lost "LaFleur" - March 4, 2009

Finally, a Sawyer-centric episode!

All in all, I thought it was a pretty good hour - it answers the question of what Daniel was doing dressed in the Dharma jumpsuit in the season premier and why Jin was driving the Dharma van a couple in "316." And we got to learn a little more about Horace, who had the map to Jacob's cabin in his pocket last season.

And who would have thought Sawyer and Juliette (a car mechanic!) would make such a great couple! Imagine little Sawyeretts running around the island! If, of course, it wouldn't kill Juliette.

Now, what the hell is Miles still doing hanging around with the gang? Has he done much of anything yet?


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I don't think this episode is perfect but is very, very good. We discover what happens to those left on the island and what theyve been up to while waiting for Locke to bring the rest back.

The only problem with Lost, nowadays, is that it's impossible to watch with someone who hasn't seen all the episodes up to date. There's just too many crazy-seeming things going on. I tried watching an episode with my housemate and he just kept asking "who's this guy", "whats going on with the flashes", "where are the polar bears" etc. Drove me mad!

I'm interested to see what relationship might have developed between the losties and Richard Alpert over the last 3 years.

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I don't watch this regularly, but every time I watch it there is something thrilling in it even thought it's confusing at times.. :S I completely get lost with it.. smiley