Brothers & Sisters - March 1, 2009

Dear ABC,

When a TV show promises a death, a viewer expects that one character who, at the beginning of the episode is breathing and walking around, isn't walking and breathing at the end.

So, yes, I feel a bit cheated that you called Senator McAlister's 'flat lining' incident a 'death' when in fact he continued to live after that.

Now, I'm glad that you decided to keep him around as he's probably one of the better characters on the show and the drama that will come from his running for governor and his relationship to Kitty and his new son Evan should be a much better storyline than the rather stupid "Greentopia" garbage you put Sarah through.

David @ Misguided Thoughts

So is anyone else upset at this "death"?


Jaye's picture

Not being a big fan of tv to begin with I am not too suprised that you are disapointed (again). It seems to be the norm to have ones expectations disapointed by television