A CSI:New York Death?

It's near the end of the season for our favorite shows, and that means cliffhangers and death. CSI:NY is apparently no exception.

Usually when a show announces a death, it's not going to be a main character. Take last season's Criminal Minds - they promised a death, and it was the head of the FBI's New York office. NCIS last year had the death of Jenny Shepard - but no one would really call her a main character. And last week Robert McCalister died on Brothers & Sisters - only to come back to life.

So CSI:NY has a death planned, and I'm guessing it's not Mac, Stella, Danny or Lindsay. And I hope it's not Flack. (He's one of my favorites on that show.)

So, here's the "Who'll Die on CSI:NY" Poll.


i have no idea who will die, they always mix it up. sometimes a main char will get off'd because the want off the show, but other than that i agree with you. nice post, we'll just have to wait and see.

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Hey, no spoilers without notice, we probably won't get to see it for years to come smiley

I watched CSI a little bit and I liked it. I personally am very sad that Battlestar Galactica has just ended, I absolutely loved that show.

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whats this another deux machine?

im tired of people dying and coming back to life again in tv shows.

i think Flac is the one.
he is mine favorite too , but it seems to me that he is going to die.
i will never hope for this.

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My friend just got me hooked on CSI. He's making me watch almost all of the shows. I don't know why he is "making me." I'm going to watch them anyway. Lol. So I'll have to come back and comment after I watch the rest of the shows. Lol.

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I'm a regular fan of CSI, But i wonder why this is happening? If he is going to die, no point to watch it again. I'm confused about that happen, Anyway thanks for specifying here.

I watch the show all the time and love it!

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Thank for sharing.

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pfft. you know its gonna be flak. too obvious.

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Very good series, thanks for the info buddy, I know I am.

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One of my favorite TV series promises a few deaths every session and that 24.
I have seen many great characters die on that show, it's sad be new ones always pop up.
Of course the only main character not to die is Jack himself, but who knows what the writers have planned for us.

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I hope it won't be Hawkes who dies. He's one of my favorite characters. I personally think Mac should let him carry a gun, although he's a doctor. I've only seen Hawkes carry a gun once on the show and that's when he was raiding an apartment with Stella and Danny. I wouldn't give a hoot if Flac dies. He's not one of my favorite characters. He's always shooting off at the lip instead of following the evidence.