a reason to avoid godaddy hosting

Just read on the drupal.org message board a post that pretty much shows how godaddy hosting only cares about one thing: money.

They're willing to help fix a problem one of their users is having, but for $150.00.

I use godaddy.com for my domain names, but I would never host with them. (They really are the K-Mart of hosting. Or worse.) Now I know never to use them to host any website.

Unfortunately, because you are using a 3rd party application, we are not able to further review this issue, as we do not troubleshoot 3rd party applications. If you would like for us to restore your hosting account and databases to see if this resolves this issue, we can. A hosting restore will cost $150 to complete.


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That's a heck of a response to a customer, but in all fairness I can see where they are coming from. The reality is they could easily spend their time working out someone else's mistake. Little businesses are more likely to do this than big corporations like Go Daddy, but honestly I've been pleased by their support in the past. Then again, I had someone else do the web design and hosting so all they gave me was a cheap domain name - which you can certainly find elsewhere. Maybe the company is popular just because of its racy Super Bowl ads.

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i`ve also had some problems with godaddy and moved for webhosting to IX Webhosting, but still use godaddy for domain names...

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Phew, wondered what you were going to say about GD then as I'm moving all of my DNS hosting to them at the moment. Web hosting is done elsewhere though as I wouldn't chance hosting with them too. Especially if they're going to charge $150 for a hosting restore!

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I agree, GoDaddy is not the way you want to go if you know anything about website hosting. Domain names, ok, there isn't much they can do to screw those up, but not GoDaddy.

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I use Hostgator, and to be honest, I have asked them some of the dumbest questions. They are awesome. They have helped me through a number of issues.. GoDaddy is really not made for customer service, they just have a brand and some scalable technology.

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I was looking for a good host and found link to this site nodaddy.com. They have a lot to grudge against godaddy.

Anyways I am using 3ix.org...they are cheap and good host smiley

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I really don't have a problem with them hosting my domains. It's that I'll never use their web hosting service. Primarily because I don't trust hosting companies with stock photos of women in headsets.