silverstripe, cmsmadesimple, miacms and impresscms - Packtpubs 2008 Most Promising

Today Packtpub announced the winners of the Most Promising Open Source CMS for 2008. First place went to Silverstripe, second was CMSMadeSimple, and a tie for third went to MiaCMS and ImpressCMS.

What intrigues me about this is that both MiaCMS and ImpressCMS are forks of existing systems.

ImpressCMS is forked off of Xoops. Xoops is a nice system, nothing special, though, and I don't hear a lot about Xoops these days.

MiaCMS is a fork of Mambo CMS. Mambo used to be a God among men, so to speak, in the content management system world. Back in the day, if you were gong to start a new site, Mambo was one of the systems you would look at. Then, if I remember correctly, control of Mambo was given to the Mambo Association (or some such entity) and the community revolted. Joomla! was born out of this, and to this day dominated the Mambo market.

As I browse around the CMS world, I rarely if ever hear a mention of Mambo. Very few new sites are started with it. It seems, for all practical purposes, dead. (In fact, the Mambo home page seems to be one big ad - is Siteground the horrible hosting company? And what's with the spammy ads on the bottom of that page?)

So we have MiaCMS voted as a 'most promising' system, Joomla!, though losing in awards to Drupal still impresses people.

(Looking at this post, there's really not a point to it. I just found the fork winners intriguing.)

Congrats to all the winners!


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Thanks for noting us, and providing interesting insight to the origins of Mia and Impress... smiley

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To be honest, I don't understand the judges, or even the people in Packt.

You have a fork that replaced the name of its original, added couple of few features, and then it's called "new" CMS system?
How can you add it to the list for "most promising CMS" which supposed for CMS that have been less than a year on the market?

Next year I'll take Drupal, change the name, add couple of new features, and I'm sure that the judges will be impressed with this "new" system!!!

Instead of true innovation, we are supporting recycling.

Both MiaCMS and ImpressCMS should be placed in the regular category, together with XOOPS and Mambo.

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While I understand your point, I think with a fork, the developers bring in a new focus, a new excitement, and a new direction for the project.

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TBH - its not the new cms's fault that the projects they came from have grown stagnant. Both mentioned that are forks deserve in every right to be recognized as a New CMS. ImpressCMS alone is one of the most actively developed projects on sourceforge. A lot of work went in to it and Mia - so just casually saying "a couple new features" is a bit naive.

Both systems are far superior to their predecessors and I fully enjoy using both. (As well as Silverstripe!)

A big congrats to all the winners.

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Silverstripe did a great job and deserved the first price.
Xoops is still working on a project, they just keep away from the spotlights.

Congrats to the winners!

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on which place was Drupal ? I think it is the best cms, i should be at first place

I have to say WP is the best CMS out there right now. But I am pretty biased there. Is Joomla falling apart?