WordPress no longer among the Best?

PacktPublishing recently announced the finalists for the 2008 Open Source CMS Award and much to my surprise WordPress wasn't among them! (Click here for the nomination page.)

Drupal and Joomla! are there, and it might be a fight for the Best Overall and Best PHP between the two of them. (My votes went to Drupal, of course!)

But WordPress missing from the list? Has the Blogging System That Can Do No Wrong fallen out of favor? (After it won for Best Social Networking CMS I realized that it might have jumped that proverbial cart.)


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Um, Wordpress is a blogging system, not a CMS (though it can be configured to be a passable CMS).

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A blogging system is a content management system.

A forum system is a content management system.

Each piece of information (post/article/entry/thread topic) is a piece of content, thus the system handling them is a content management system.

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I never said that wordpress was a good cms. Well, it's good, not great.

And that article mentions phpwebsite! I haven't heard of them in ages!

For me it's Drupal. Or, for blogging, Habari.

But on the plus side for WordPress, it does have enough modules to do just about anything.