What's the deal with America's Got Talent?

Seriously, how long is the audition/callback process? It's been months now since the show started, right? And they just finished the callbacks?

I lost interest a long time ago. (The stupid audience screaming didn't help much.) And my lose of interest has nothing to do with the talent. From what I've seen, there are a lot of people who are amazing at what they do. (Those young kids, while heartwarming enough, don't do anything for me - I really hope they're gone soon. Harsh, probably.)

So does NBC just have nothing else to put on the air that they have to elongate the process? And now we have a couple weeks of the Olympics... Will AGT ever finish up?


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i love americas got talent. the judges are wonderful. i like all three of them. when will it be back on t.v.?

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AGT is a summer program, and the audition shows usually begin in May, if I remember correctly.

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Well I know that AGT is holding auditions now, but they aren't on t.v. till around may after they've been done or are almost done.