Adding "nofollow" tag to Drupal Comment URLs

I just enabled the "nofollow" tag on the website URLs commenters leave. Now, when Google announced "nofollow" as a way to deter spam, I knew it wasn't going to be effective at getting rid of the stuff. And I was right. Matt as WordPress, which jumped on the "nofollow" bandwagon with a lot of flag-waving and ticker-tape parades, had to create Akismit to help with comment spam.

If "nofollow" was effective, we wouldn't need all these alternatives. But we do.

I'm starting to take a hard line regarding comment spam here. Most comment spam is regarded as free advertising. And I'm getting so sick of it. (If anyone wants to pay me to put their link in my comments, I'm open to offers smiley ) I've got Akismit and Captchas going, and I'm still getting spam.

At least with "nofollow" Google won't index it and increase the spamming asswipes pagerank.

And today I found this tutorial for theming comments in Drupal that deal with "nofollow" by adding some code in the template.php file. Really good stuff.


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Is this gonna end someday??

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Your (VoriIodinny) comment was in the middle of a dozen spam comments caught by Akismet.

Spammers aren't worth the air they breathe.