Do we celebrate the Downfall of Joomla!?

June 15, 2008 marks the one-year anniversary of the downfall of Joomla! On June 15, 2007 Joomla! made their infamous "Open Source Does Matter" post that infuriated extension coders to no avail; the post that limited Joomla!'s coders (and users) options in the name of the GPL.

So should we have a cake?


When I was looking for an all-in-one type CMS to run a site, it cam down to Drupal and Joomla. I picked Drupal. I guess that was a good choice. I could never get the hang of Joomla and from what I have experienced, you can do a lot more customization of Drupal without actually coding.

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Phew... after wrestling with Silverstripe, which had been voted 'most promising CMS' a couple of years ago, I've finally gotten around to trying Zikula. I used Zikula, in it's former incarnation known as Postnuke, several years ago. Damn, I missed it!

Silverstripe is IMPOSSIBLY slow, and I had some issues with install, too. Zikula was a dream to install, very easy to understand interface, and I know it's power and speed from when I used it before. It has excellent multilingual features, and I need that coz I'm building an English / Korean site. I think the developers are the real deal.

I haven't seen much hype for Zikula, so I thought I'd leave this post with my twopenneth worth.

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While I've looked at Silverstripe, I never got passed the playing with it stage so I can't comment on its slowness.

And after the Zikula name change, I still haven't seen much press/hype about it.

But I'm glad it works for you.

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so we started using joomla (mainly because of its ease/intuitiveness). now we are considering moving/migrating to drupal. is it worth it?

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Joomla's easy? We must live on different worlds.

Best I can say is to set up a test drupal site and see if it works for you.

I've always had a relatively working relationship when using Joomla, but I have to admit to only using it in its very basic format. It does have a lot of good features but can get a little fiddly at times

We should have a nice cake!
I hate joomla, i love wordpress.
but drupal is nice though.
right now, I am using WordPress and it is very easy to use.
User friendly features and great themes.

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I always have a relative working relationship, but the long-term use, I must admit, it only USES the basic form of it. It has many advantages, but it might be a bit of a troublesome

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True,it was pretty disappointing post, not that my opinion matters all that much but I’ll give it anyway. Some of the themes listed are not really good at all. I guess Wordpress has more good quality free themes than Joomla, but how about not target a high number like “40″ and remove the shabby looking ones?

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One possible disadvantage of Joomla is that it will be so different than Mambo. In a few years, Mambo and Joomla will continue to evolve, and one or the other will turn out to be the dominate one.

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Joomla has already dominated Mambo - does anyone actually use Mambo - at least, does anyone ever start a new site with it? Not many.

Mambo might as well get its tombstone ready.