Is Ziva really going to die?

UPDATE: April 27, 2010 Ziva apparently isn't going anywhere.

If you watched the latest episode of NCIS - the Baghdad episode for those reading in the future - and saw the preview for the next episode, you saw Ziva laying on the ground presumably dead.

So is this a red herring? Is she really going to die? Would they do that to one of the most popular characters? (On my poll Ziva only has 4% of the votes of people who think she should leave, while Shepard has over 85smiley.

Then again, they might have made it look like a red herring knowing that a lot of people would see right through that and call them out on it, but in fact it really is happening - Ziva leaving.

If she does go, I'll miss the interactions she had with DiNozzo. Those two play off each with such ease; and the teasingly sexual tension, too!



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i do not want ziva to die!