Disney's High School Musical 2 DVD

Rumor has it that just before Christmas, you can pick up a copy of High School Musical 2! Disney apparently will be releasing the DVD on December 11th.

High School Musical 2 at amazon.com


david's picture

Tiffany's right. I don't have cable, so I don't know what all the commotion is about. (Well, I have a pretty good idea.) And they will make great Christmas presents. And, after all, just about everything comes out on DVD anyway... if there's a buck to be made.

dawn's picture

you can buy my copy. My kids are not going to ask for that movie.

Tiffany's picture

some familys dont have the disney channel and plush they make very good presents!!! smiley

dawn's picture

why in the world would anyone want to buy the movie, when they are showing it about 4 times a week on the Disney channel. My kids have already seen it enough that when it comes on they go looking for anything else to watch...and it has been out just over a week.

david's picture

Christmas Pressies.

dawn's picture

I guess...but trust me, after about a week, the movie drives you nuts...not that I need any help with that

Peter W's picture

A week to drive you nuts? I was sick of it on Christmas Day! S'pose more fool me for buying it for my daughter!


College Success's picture

Same here. We got it right away and regretted it about two days later!