I hate Conan O'Brien

There. I've said it. Of all the late night talk shows, Conan is my least favorite. In fact, I much prefer Craig Ferguson to Conan. That's how much I dislike Conan.

(UPDATE: I have my 2009 post on this here. And, yeah, he still sucks.)

conanWhen it was announced that Conan would be taking over for Leno in 2008 I trembled in fear. Leno's Tonight Show is my favorite of the late night fares. I usually enjoy Jay's monologues, and some of the skits/stuff he does is fun, and I like how he interacts with his guests.

Conan just flops and flares his hands around, shakes his head a bit, and calls that comedy. It's not funny to me. (And if I wanted to see a comedian dance, I'd watch Ellen Degeneres, who'd be a much better host than Conan.)

(And I'm sure half the people reading this hate every word I write.)

I bring this up today because tvguide.com reports that NBC is eying Jon Stewart. Yes, that Jon Stewart of the Daily Show. Which, compared to Conan, would be a delight for me to watch. (I'm pretty sure that network people are out squashing these rumors, and the chances of any of it coming to pass are slim. But one can dream.)

This is the year to figure out what'll happen on late night tv in 2008. I wouldn't mind if Leno stayed on. I don't watch Letterman that often (though a college roommate practically worshiped him) and can I really write about late night and not mention Jimmy Kimmel? Jimmy I like.


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I agree, When jay Leaves i leave. Conan is the worst!!!

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Misguided thoughts, indeed.

You're entitled to your own opinions obviously... but Conan is a wonderful comedian! He is not just a man who flails about and acts silly, and if you actually watched the show (for more than five seconds) maybe you'd realize that. He is very quick witted and a great interviewer, he always brings out the best in his celebrity guests. He's also very intelligent... Conan graduated from Harvard, magna cum laude. Now I'm not a gambler but it would be a safe bet to assume that he's smarter than Jon Stewart.

His writers write the most absurd sketches, and often they're the actors in them. Many of the jokes are obscure and bizarre ideas born from the quirkiest of minds, and I think it's great that they can be brought on the stage of a national television show. It's a high brow take on low brow comedy.

When Conan does "on location" type bits it's always 100 times more hilarious than anything Leno has ever done. Hopefully when he get the Tonight Show there will be more of this.

And finally Conan is not afraid to take a shot at himself, something rarely seen from any of the other comedians that you mentioned. The rest of them just like to take shots at other people, Conan can laugh at himself. Which is a great quality not only in someone who entertains, but in a person in general.

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I agree with Shannon Conan IS great. Jay Leno is hard to watch. His jokes are obvious or lack the panache of a late night comedian. Conan wrote some of the funniest Simpsons shows ever! His quirky wit is more able to shine late night..."Triumph the insult dog" and "The masturbating bear" re classic!!

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Yeah! I think you are crazy to believe that Craig Ferguson is better that Conan, and basically all of his sketches are always hilarious! And of course, it is your opinion but frankly.... you're crazy! And it's true he can laugh at himself which is a good quality in.... well, anyone frankly.

For me, it is a ZANY coincidence that I smiley Conan, because there are all these things that, you know, match up an make sense to me why I would be a fan of his.

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I agree. When I found out that Conan would be taking Lenos spot, I was angry, Conan is not entertaining nor funny in anyway.. I firmly believe that when Conan takes over that this will be the fall of the Late Show. I do not understand the fascination with Conan, his looks and antics are quite annoying.

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Conan does SUCK big time!! Craig Ferguson is way better!
Conan is just a ugly stupid never funny and never will be person. Craig Ferguson and Ellen Degeneres is the best in my opinion!!

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Conan is the funniest man on late night television.

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he's not stupid, you freak. Unlike you (obviously), he had an education. he graduated from Harvard MAGNA CUM LAUDE.

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graduating college still doesn't mean he's funny.

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horribly without his writers. He is even worse. He will be the downfall of the Tonight Show. It will be a sad day. Just because he is a college graduate does not mean he is funny. If we forget to turn off the television after Leno and accidently see Conan, my husband and I just look at each other in disbelief that this nut has his own show.

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ARE YOU CRAZY? CONAN IS AWESOME! Hes the funniest on TV!

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I may be crazy, but I still can't stand him.

You are not crazy smiley, I can't stand him either nor I really find Conan funny at all, anymore. Somehow TV isn't what it used to be.

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Mannn, is it this year? Bye NBC late night, better try to keep Jay. Conan will not even let his guest comment he talks too much about silly things, and he is still not funny. I don't care what school he went to.

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Jay is a buffoon! But his show has power so he gets good guests... there have been shows where I have not laughed once while watching!! Conan is AWESOME!!! I am always laughing!!

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You laugh because he is simple not funny. Even his skits are dumb, you heard birds of a feather....

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Specially the things he does to "fill in" I am sure for empty spaces on the program, and I have seen it, like the manatee or those cartoons, are really jokes that insults intelligence. Please do not let Jay leave, he is very inventive, like the Headlines and the Photo booth, they are hillarious.

Oh my god! His show has started to be transmitted in Brazil and he really sucks.

I like a lot american talk shows, their variety are admirable, but Conan O'Brien ... well...

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Well written David.

I disagree with you over wether or not Conan is funny though, personally I find most of his bits range from incredibly amusing to laugh out loud funny, partly for their often genius stupidity and partly for their sadistic nature.

However, I do agree that Conan is a poor choice to replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, Conan just doesn't seem terribly interested in letting the guests talk, zany off the wall comedy is great, but not while someone's trying to get a word in edgewise.

Craig Ferguson interjects constantly as well, but he seems to go about it in a much friendlier manner, Conan often demands that the guests let him speak, which can make for incredibly amusing banter, but more oft than not strikes me as overbearing and not so much fun for the guests

One of the things, I enjoy the least about Conan, and wouldn't want to see come to the Tonight show is that the host is sometimes cruel, usually at the expense of his employees, makes you feel bad for whoever's being belittled, I could name a half dozen examples off the top of my head, but for instance that fellow in the band with the mustache, I'm amazed he still works there for the level of abuse that's heaped on him, which while I'm sure is in jest, isn't very funny. In contrast, Leno often makes fun of his coworkers, but in a good natured way.

Despite that, I'm still a fan of Conan, I watch for the Self-Deprecating over the top personality and hit or miss bits from his writers that have produced so many amusing recurring skits, (The Interrupter, Si Conando, the list goes on.), but not for real interviews, I watch the Tonight Show for those, and would like to continue to.

(Lol, Jon Stewart would make an excellent host for the Tonight Show, "JOHNNY HUNGRY, JOHNNY WANT SPITZER!")

There's a very controversial debate not about just Conan being stupid but about All Americans being stupid over at RiledUp. Do you thing they're all stupid? Chime in at http://riledup.com./debate/1594/are-americans-stupid

Dude, you can't call millions of people dumb just like that!

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youre absolutely right-conans a piece of shit. letterman is still the king oif late night, lenos watchable -everything else is crap.

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Call me the craziest person in the world, but i always found Conan 'O Brien to be the best late night host. I always always always found his random sense of humor admiring. I always adored how he was never afraid to break the fourth wall. Jay Leno can't even construct a joke correctly, and it's not funny when he screws up. However Conan is hilarious when he screws up which he does often. Maybe it's just me, as far as i can tell i'm the only person who enjoys the style of random humor and the only person who doesn't take things way too seriously enough to goof off when things aren't going the way they should. When something goes wrong on the set of the show, Conan would always know just what to do and he's not afraid of doing it either. And don't get me started on Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. David Letterman is basically just that average talk show that invites celebrity guests with the most controversial status and do a Dateline like interview with them, last time i checked Dateline was not funny. I mean when you watch it, do you hear any laughs out of the audience? Another thing I love about Conan is that most of the time his show makes no sense whats so ever. I mean masturbating bear, moose nurse riding that machine thing, Sears Tower dressed in sears clothing, all of those Grand Theft Auto spoofs, making fun of the budget of the show and even admitting that the show sucks, and it doesn't. That kind of senseless random humor is what i call creative comedy. But what do we know about creative comedy when things like Hannah Montana, Zack and Cody and all those other cheesy shows are getting so many high ratings, and not just from kids. But then again maybe it's just me. Maybe I'm just too different. I will never understand todays "proper" sense of humor that requires the constant CONSTANT!!! use of the "F" word and so much unnecessary sexuality. Am i the only one who finds that crap offensive. I just wish there were more people like Conan 'O Brien. I wish there was more people out there who had that kind of random, make no sense (but not annoying), crazy, outgoing sense of humor that Conan does. But that's just me. Maybe if you people talking crap about him actually saw his show, then you would appreciate that kind of humor creative comedy.

I was watching a You Tube video of Puddle of Mudd performing their song "Blurry" live. I immediately recognized the set they were performing on and shouted "HEY! it's Conan 'O Brien" but then i read the ignorant comments and thought, man, i guess i'm the only person who watches this show.

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What abuse? You're saying it like they take that stuff (his cruelty) offensively. They have being doing this since 1992, how do know they don't enjoy being made fun of. I'm pretty sure they don't take it seriously, they enjoy messing around with each other, it's what they do, it's called comedy and it's for your enjoyment and entertainment. It's not like he physically beats them on set, and even if he did it's all for the laughs and they know that, otherwise they wouldn't have been on the show for so long. And that fellow with the mustache has a name, LaBamba. Why would you think he's being abused? Every time Conan refers to him he makes that classic face and it's all for the sake of laughter, not abuse. Unless you worked on the set you can't make it seem like Conan has confrontation with his employees just by watching the show on tv.

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I totally agree with you!! I think Conan is sooo overrated. He forces his jokes. He laughs at his own jokes. His sounds just annoy me. I don't like Letterman either. I think he laughs at his own jokes too much too. He also forces some jokes. Jay is such a natural. I think it helps that Jay still does stand up comedy too. I respect that.

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This turd has GOT to be the most worthless no talent waste of electricity show host on tv. Once Leno leaves I'm through with the Tonight Show and how Jay could pick this goofy looking humorless person I'll never understand. He comes out in the opening of his show with this stupid slow motion move and his puffed up red hair looking like a clown. How in the HELL this idiot got on tv a LOT of people will never figure out. I have tried and tried to like this goober but I can't. I wish he'd go to Romania and take his "act" with him. Where he graduated from and his level of education has NOTHING to do with talent of which he has none.

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He is the homeliest, most idiotic nerd who reminds me of Eddie Haskell from leave it to beaver He (and I hated Eddie was well). The other night he made a sick joke about obese people, and the audience was so embarrassed for him they barely clapped. He acts like a moron (Soupy Sales?), and that stuff died long ago thank God. Maybe someone will decide to use his body for a condom commercial and get him off the air. No more Tonight show for me...

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OK, you are Crazy.....

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seriously best news ever when jay said he wasn't leaving, i cant stand anything about conan.
his mannerisims are so annoying i cant even stand to watch him, how many times does he clap an episode? how many times does he shake his head around? how many times does he have to pretend to hit a ball out of the park, and then look down and pick up the ball and toss it over his shoulder? how many times does he insult the audience, guests, and coworkers? He must have never watched himself, because he would notice all of these things. If i sit through it at all its for the guests, which he usually talks over and steals the focus, which is supposed to be on them. I watched him yesterday to see jennifer connoly and today because i just finished watching jay and didn't change it in time. He did the EXACT same joke about that govenor. I mean, jay is out there every night with new material, conan can't even be funny when everything is scripted, planned out, cue carded, and written for him. all he has to do is get through it without laughing at himself and he can't even do that.

That's great for him that he's highly educated. Maybe he should use that for something hes actually good at.

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absolutly horrible show. first time watching it (as I type) and so far I have not laughed. i've chuckled only twice. he's BORING

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Having Conan on the Tonight Show is probably the best thing to happen to Letterman in a long, long time.

And as someone else said above, you laugh at Conan because he's not funny.

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Craig Ferguson BLOWS! Go conan...that will be all

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Conan actually does do way better these days with his guest and some of his sketches, but his monologue is so annoying because he can't stop clapping his hands!!!!!!!! I have to turn it off because is bugs me to death and I can't wait Craig Ferguson because he's just plain stupid! Conan has to improve his delivery if he's going to last in Leno's spot.

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yes I hate Conan too, he has zero talent, I will switch to letterman or internet when he takes over Jay's spot.

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I really agree with everything that you said.

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I'm an O'Brien, and I want him kicked out of the family. He is HORRIBLE. Almost ANYONE would be better. He's not funny at all. And I've talked to people who've been on his show, and they say he's a jerk.

I predict ONE season, maybe.

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Conan is a poor choice to replace Jay Leno on the Tonight Show, Conan just doesn't seem terribly interested in letting the guests talk, zany off the wall comedy is great, but not while someone's trying to get a word in edgewise.

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I like many other people,,,,JUST SIMPLY HATE CONAN O'BRIEN,,,,he is so self scentered not funny just plain stupid,,,,the ratings,I am sure will go down when he takes over from Leno and hopefully that will be the end of him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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He does have a following. Just not the same one that Leno has. So it'll be interesting to see what happens.

I of course won't be watching him at 11:35.

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Conan may not be stupid, but his comedy is. I've tried to watch Late Night many times and it's just not that great. I laugh about once per show, at best. Now that Jimmy Fallon is doing Late Night, I always tune in. It's alot more entertaining to say the least.

david's picture

I've given up on late night, including Fallon. I did catch a few minutes of Ferguson's monologue a couple night ago (when his son won that cup stacking championship for his age bracket.) Typical Craig.

Alex's picture

I also totally agree with you!

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I agree Conan sucks! I can't stand his show, if I want to see a big red headed clown I'll go to Mc Donalds.

david's picture

yeah, that just about sums it up. (And not a cool clown from It, either.)

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Conan absolutely sucks. he is a clod. if you like him, you are a clod too.

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I agree with those who dislike O'brien. I find him revolting. A total turnoff. I will miss Jay Leno and not watch the Tonight Show once Jay is gone.

david's picture

Two more nights of Jay on the Tonight Show, then it becomes utter crap.

And speaking of utter crap, anyone else thinks that the 10pm Jay Leno Show will totally bomb?

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Conan is not funny at all. He looks like the bastard love child of Pinocchio and Woody Woodpecker.

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So I wonder how long he will last when the ratings fall. They need to replace him! I agree that Ellen would be awesome. I can not understand how he has made it this far because he is not funny or entertaining. Jay will be missed on the Late Night show.

Anonymous's picture

I agree he blows

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I see that you are a education snob so are you saying that only those of you that are more educated can appreciate the new "high brow" humor that Conan will bring?
I have watched his show for more than 5 seconds and my impression is that he is so desperate to keep the attention on himself that he normally steals it from his guests. Give me David Letterman or John Stewart any day. Better yet, cancel Conan's contract and bring back Jay!

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this guy is an idiot ... call jay back!

Anonymous's picture

The guy is anti-family, anti-christian and just repeats the same 'ol in-the-gutter annoying "humor". The only non-class style he knows is offensive humor and it gets old. Fire KO-NAN NOW. The guy doesn't listen or he would have a clue by now what millions of people think about his cheap "humor". At least Jay Leno had class. Huge difference.

Sunny's picture

There is fine line where you are funny or not funny.Conan is most of the times right at that line.
He doesn't suck but he is not that funny either.Leno has great timing for his monologues ,He jumps from topic to topic with ease ( 'Speaking of that.....Latest Study ... ")that's what makes him great..Conan is no where near Leno

Hollow_Fang's picture

coNun as i call hin is lame to me just reminds me of jello that gross flavor nobody likes
but then theres those weird people who eat only the gross flavor

any ways the only thing coNun has for him is the "In the year 2000 thing"

Anonymous's picture

Conan O'Brien is no different than George W. Bush - a mediocre talent relegated to greatness by the old boy network. It pays to attend an Ivy League School.

Even I, who am not a comic, understand that jokes are driven by logic, misdirection and surprise at the end. Every one of Conan's jokes drone on endlessly to try and squeeze laughs out of the set-up (which never works), until it ends with a "dud." The guy's ass backwards, and it shows.

I suspect Conan will have his hard core fans, who remain loyal to the end. But my guess is, within 18 months, we'll be seeing a new Tonight Show host. Someone who understands that there's more to funny than throwing telegraphed concepts at the wall, and hoping something sticks.

david's picture

Craig Ferguson would jump ship and head over to NBC.... (Unless he's extremely loyal to his boss, David Letterman...)

Anonymous's picture

"The guy is anti-family, anti-christian"

When was this?

You may not find him funny, but holy crap! Name a late night host who is PRO-family or PRO-Christian? Seriously, do it.

Some of you idiots could use the extra sleep.

Anonymous's picture

I cant understand why people like conan. Most abrasive tv host. Too bad they didnt get Stewart.

Norm's picture

What were they thinking? The Tonight Show is doomed. NBC executives are right up there with Chrysler Corp. execs when it comes to making bad decisions. Conan bores me and I will no longer watch the Tonight Show. (If I wanted to be bored I could find other, more meaningful ways than watch the Howdy Doody looking twirp!) BRING BACK JAY!!

Anonymous's picture

which idiot hired this red head moron?... what a waste!

Anonymous's picture

made up my mind last night to never watch him again...what a disaster!!

Big T From DC's picture

I tried, and gave it all I could for two nights. I feel asleep both nights after about 15 minutes. Conan became just background noise. His form of comedy is just not for me. Leno use to make me laugh. I needed to laugh after watching all the crap going on in the word. He needs to go like the GM execs. NBC made a huge mistake here. The age group they are focused on don't get back in from the club until after midnight and that is why they liked him. They were drunk or stoned out of the minds after midnight. Hey, what an ideal, maybe I should try that. Red bull and Volka then maybe all that bobing head stuff will start to be funny.

And can anyone compare Max Roach to Kevin and his band. Ugh.... more volka!

david's picture

is that Conan hasn't grown up into the new timeslot. I believe there is a maturity difference in the audiences - Jimmy Fallon would be better at 11:30 than Conan - from what I've seen.

Steven Clemmons's picture

I watched the first night when Conan took over. It's the same old Conan. I cannot stand his laugh, his constant flicking his hair, his heavy makeup, his humorless humor. I can't wait for Leno to come on at 10 pm. Someone had to pay Leno a ton of bucks to say, "Conan was [his] perfect replacement." There actually is an element of truth in that since it makes it easier for Jay to kick Conan's behind again.

Big T From DC's picture

There is a reason why Leon is in his cool rid looking at the camera with a smile while the song 'hold on I'm coming' is playing in the background. Yes, there is a reason! The good side on all of this is that I am not getting more sleep. Even with the NBA game last night I was sleep by 11 pm!

david's picture

Since there's nothing on NBC that I want to watch, I don't get to see the commercials.

Anonymous's picture

Conan has no talent but is his bouncing considered a talent? Worked for NBC when Carson was on and that was talent. Jay has talent and hope he knows What in the ---- is wrong w/you at NBC? This used to be wonderful network ... maybe before GE!

raynald's picture

The only time I find Conan funny is when I'm on acid.

jo shmoe's picture

What a looser. What a flock of loosers nbc must be to have not only kept him spewing his stupidity for how long? but to subject the totally loyal viewers of jay to him? thats just wrong. If you really like conan, you must be sick or something. he repulses me. i find him personally offensive, like someone continually farting near me then sneaking away. i have seem too much tragedy lately to wish anything bad on anyone, but i DO hope that those responsible for putting conan on lose their jobs and reputation and nbc gets back to reality and gets this retard off the set. i dont care abc/cbs/nbc... it's the programs i look for, or run away from as is now the case. i will make sure i never watch anything at 11 on nbc now so i dont accidently fall asleep and have to wake up to that garbage. if i thought writing to all the sponsors would help overthrow mr useless, id start a campaign... but he'd probably just think i liked him... thats how weird he is. Hey Jay, thanks for sticking us with this nut. how you actually like him i will never understand. id prefer watching michael jackson for an hour. ok, maybe neither would be fine : )

and this is what i sent the networks a few minutes ago... for all it will do...
When jay told us he was giving his spot to the retard, i almost stopped watching then. my mom and i noticed how much more vulgar and obscene jay became to pave the way for this super idiot (conan, just to name him personally) and again, we actually turned jay off a few times. we watched every last episode and then the screen went blank. Last night my mom was telling me that the creep "cleaned" up his show a bit for the timeslot, but the 2 minutes i watched made me lose my supper. i cannot believe that anyone watches this freaking moron. If this is entertainment, maybe i'll just force myself to watch the new "price is right" until i get why YOU, the broadcasters, allow stupid, pathetic, non talented retards to completely destroy long standing top of the line programming. i will never understand it and i will do away with television completely and go back to milking cows for fun before i EVER corrupt my mind enough to be able to actually sit througn another second of the "NEW" tonight show, ever ever again. PLEASE forward this to Jay, Conan, and the rest of the planet and see how many other RETARDS go to conan's defense. it certainly wont be anyone (other then Jay) worth mentioning.
So, adue nbc, it was fun.
i cant wait to catch jay's new show... big mistake letting him go...
and look at what you have now...
first gm and then chrysler... soon nbc
it really is sad

jo shmoe's picture

that means it will be cancelled that much quicker. i would never admit to eating shit, and liking it. i don't know how you even get it past your nose.

Anonymous's picture

Watching Conan is the most painful experience I've ever had. Going from Jay to Conan is like going from the NBA to a junior high basketball game. He is NOT funny except to idiots, he just irks the hell out of me. I miss Jay.

Sonnet Maison's picture

How disappointing Conan has been. I never realized what a wonderful talent Fallon was until I endured Conan the first week. Dump Conan and replace him with Fallon. Until then I have found the reading time I was always missing.

Anonymous's picture

The only "comedy" Clown'n O' Brien knows is slapstick, simple, offensive "humor" and it's annoying. At least Jay Leno HAD SOME CLASS. What a freakin' clown.

Anonymous's picture

Quote "When was this" --- do you know how to use the internet? Are you awake? Have you ever watched his "show" in the past? Ever hear of Google?


etc. etc. etc.

HUGE contrast between Clown'n O'Brien and Jay Leno. Get a clue please.

Anonymous's picture

Anyone that's ever tried to watch his "show" in the past knows this. The only humor he knows is "offensive" humor and it gets old fast. IN CONTRAST on Jay Leno's last show he gathered together ALL of the show's extended family and all that have been born into the extended show-family, crew, writers etc. and had them on the stage for a few minutes as a goodbye/appreciation - something that you won't see from Clown'n O Brien, again, get a clue. Again, at least Jay Leno HAD SOME CLASS. Overall, a huge contrast in values, respect, and comedy style.

Anonymous's picture

Again, get a clue:



Most people find this site by typing

conan o brien sucks

in a web search. I guess that means you
also think Clown'n O Tryin' sucks.

What's So Funny's picture

This week Connan has placed two wax figures in differnt positions 3 days in a row. Lame lame lame..... His comedy rivals that of a 5 year old making fart jokes.

anti chuck norris's picture

OMFG conan o'brien is the reason chuck norris is way to fucking overrated if you say something bad about chuck norris they will bash you chuck norris never drown a fish, throw a bird out of an airplan, swim on ground chuck norris isn't a god and never will be he's a human being like everybody else but i guess you're just to stupid to see that oh and i can say fuck you chuck norris right in his face!

Steve's picture

Conan has always sucked! I never laughed at his jokes, he says the joke, and when no one laughs he does some goofy little dance, so people sympathetically give him a “charity laugh”, he just tries so hard, he is not funny as a stage comedian, maybe better as a writer, not a host.
I think NBC has finally found “the one” that is going to bring the tonight show down..smiley. And he is stupid, his jokes are too, why would I care if he went to Harvard and he is not funny while hosting a comedy show!! And by the way, jimmy fallon sucks too.

To me: these are the best comedy shows hosts:
1. Jay Leno
2. Craig Ferguson: he is hilarious, the most natural, innovative host on TV.
3. David Letterman.

Biggest Suckers:
1. Jimmy Fallon.
2. Conan O Brien.

david's picture

Where does Jimmy Kimmel land on your lists? (And I'd put Ferguson above Leno, but below the late, great Carson. - Johnny Carson, that is.)

Anonymous's picture

Fact, Nazis hate Conan. Fact, you hate Conan. Fact you are an anti Semite. Jay Leno was never funny, that guy who suggested Ellen is just plain retarded. If you don't like Conan your probably a joyless asshole. Conan is the greatest thing to ever happen to late night television. If you don't like him then go ahead and watch that dinosaur letterman make sex jokes about little girls....cause that's hilarious....

Anonymous's picture

I see a lot of mixed responses. Conan appeals to the morons, bottom line. He is annoying and does not stand up to Carson or Leno.

Anonymous's picture

Conan Obriens IQ is one point less than a pile of shit

Anonymous's picture

You prove that a pile of shit actually has a higher IQ than you

steve's picture

Conan haters might be asses, but YOU are a DUMBASS without any taste.

steve's picture

I would put Jimmy Kimmel equally with letterman. Jimmy Kimmel is actually pretty good. Thanks for reminding me.

No Mo Laughs's picture

Send him back to the Simpsons and try and make that show fresh again, but
please bring in John Stewart or anyone who can tell a joke. Conan next time I
am in LA going to duct tape your big clapping hands together along with your
suit then staple gun you to the floor so you can read 13 jokes out loud without
acting like a ___________ (add your own adjective). I have left for Chelsey
and John as what is on the BIG networks is only to laugh at. Man wish I was
a suit at NBC or better called No Brain Cells Network. Get rid of him now, what are
you waiting for? Big turn around in ratings, the parasites in your Sushi go to
your brains.

Anonymous's picture

I keep trying but even his live audience doesn't laugh. I miss Leno. I miss Carson.

Count Dante's picture

Yeh, Conan went to harvard so what. Jay is a hard worker which is obvious. Leno used to not be able to work the crowd as well as Conan did on late night, but all has changed now that Conan hosts the tonight show. Richter is also not funny and a real no talent. I mean how the hell can NBC do this, Jay was number#1 in ratings.

charlie 's picture

I love Conan i think he is one of the best people on T.V but i think he was better on late night now days it just seems like he is taking this show to seriously ya trying to be funny in a smart way but it just dose not work for him. Like i use to laugh all the time when he was on late night but now that hes on the tonight show its about half as funny but when he went guitar shopping with slash from guns n roses that kicked ass.

Anonymous Friend's picture

I find Conan be to utterly stupid. NBC thinks he attracts a younger crowd, unlike Jay who uses wit and currrent events for his comedy. I think those most out-of-touch with the world are the biggest Conan fans and that's why they find Jay to be dull and confusing.

I'm actually looking for a website to share my disguest of Conan. Just tonight, 10/22/09, I chose to watch Conan for the first time since he took over Jay's show. He's doing a boring segment where audience members are on camera as part of the joke. Tonight's segment features "awards" for some "lucky" people. Here's an example of one man being the butt of Conan's joke:

Conan: Next up is the award for the audiance member with the most FaceBook friends. And the award goes to the person in seat 5-W...
Man: (smiling, with a caption that reads "2,988 FACEBOOK FRIENDS")

Conan: And now the award for the least amount of actual human friends...
(the same man is displayed, smiling naively until he realizes it's him, bearing an expression of utter disguest and humiliation)

So you see, Conan has very dry and rude humor that cannot be laughed at without being at the expense of someone. Count how many times he makes a joke on his own staff. Just earlier he was critisizing Max for looking depressed - on camera!

Anonymous Friend's picture

TIME maganize gave a wonderful 4-page article explaining it all. Apparently NBC thought Conan was better so they decided to fire Jay. When people heard this they got very upset, so NBC agreed to give Jay a 2-year contract because they realized what a succcess he was. I sure hope they realize how stupid they were.

I believe their mistake in trying to fire Jay is the reason why he gets away with those awesome little jokes about NBC.

Anonymous's picture

"Down with Conan"

Hey you dumb fuck, that wasn't an audience member. That guy was a paid actor you fucking dipshit. His name is Scott Chernoff. Use Google.

I love everyone talking trash about Conan on here when Jay Leno's show is ruining the rest of NBC's late night shows. The Leno Effect is ruining ALL NBC AFFILIATES and it's ruining Conan / Fallon / Daly.

People not watching Leno:
People would rather watch shows that are competing AGAINST Leno which means less people to lead-in to local news.

People watching Leno:
Okay, say people watch Leno. By the time Conan O'brien or Jimmy Fallon are on, these people are already tired of watching late night comedy shows. Leno is ruining NBC. NBC will be sold soon though, and the new owners will NEED to get rid of Leno. NBC only cares about a profit right now because the company is up for sale, they won't own the company for much longer so they are trying to get as much money out of the company as they can. The new owners will actually have good shows to watch, and possibly compete against other shows to get a good lead-in for local affiliates and then we will see Conan overtake Letterman's ratings.

david's picture

Leno isn't ruining NBC. NBC is destroying itself.

Anonymous's picture

He does. NBC IS ruining itself by keeping Leno. People who say "Oh you laugh at Conan because he isn't funny...."....what? Wouldn't he be automatically funny if I laugh at him? That chain of logic is totally confusing.

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, I would have to be overly tired or drunk to laugh "AT" Conan. It's as much amusement as what I had seen in lower grade schools when a fumbling class clown tries anything stupid since does not know how to attract any other attention. Man! those that love him must have missed out on such, what a pity. Someone totally new and with a fresh face can add some ratings to NBC, release Conan to be partnered up with Letterman, they are two of the same kind of so-called comedians.

Eveready's picture

I cant stand hearing his voice or looking at him, its like comedy for nerds. and if he comes on when my wife and i happen to be getting into something naughty. forget it, the channel has to be changed or she can forget anything happening if the tv is on and hes on it. actually maybe he's actually a form of birth control?

Anonymous's picture

To be his side buddies in preforming a disasterous comedy triangle of fumbling fools. That might bring up the ratings of any network trying to get ratings for a short period of time by bringing in all the SAME nerd herd that love em all. It would also free up some airspace to put some other more up to date stuff on. That is a SHAME to say only young people like those and not the older type of class acts. Now why not bring in even a YOUNGER person to do some different acts on the late night talk shows to replace Conan and Kimmel? THEY had grown too old within a short period of time, time for them to GO! Anyone with some clowning capabilities can do such with a start of a lot less pay.

Anonymous's picture

Conan is not funny at all, he is SO self centered, I dont think there is ANYONE on tv more annoying than Conan.... I hate him so much, i cant even watch him for 5 seconds, my blood starts to boil.....and Conan hosting the iconic Tonight Show?.... are you kiddin?.....
What a pity.... such a great show, with such history going down the tube with Conan..... now Im not saying Leno was a genius either..... but they should have cancelled the Tonight Show when Johnny left.... and leave it at that, at its peak, rather than keep milking it and leaving it a slow demise with Leno and Conan!... My opinion only....

frank fremdgehen's picture

he is not funny at all!!! he is just an ugly guy and feels like a superstar...

Anonymous's picture

I totally agree, the guy tries sooo hard to be funny and it still does not work. He is just plain annoying, I cannot stand the man. Good call on moving his show to a later time however, cancelling his show would be even better...

Anonymous's picture

Conan is simply NOT funny, he behaves likes an idiot and ridicules himself or others as part of his supposed comedy. The ratings speaks for itself.

Good riddance to Conan!


TerBear's picture

That ass Conan is pandering to the lowest common denominator. His attempt at humour is juvenile and painful to endure. I stopped watching the Toinight Show when he polluted the stage. I always switched before he came on. I watched him for a while then it just got old and embarassing. His supporters on here include some really classless posts which speaks to his dumbing down of the audience.
Craig Ferguson is hilarious and always fun to watch also btw.

Anonymous's picture

Wow sally you enjoy immature humor geared at teens? hope you are one. Conan is a joke, as in sad joke. And the few Simpsons episodes he assisted with the writing were/are some of the most immature and pointless segments. He is often the only one laughing at his juvenile attempts at humor. The odd joke may be funny, but then he destroys the impact by adding a immature comment/noise/facial expression/body gesture. If anything he is a writer, not a performer.....Lame.

Anonymous's picture

As a performer but I also add him on to be the same as a writer for Simpson's since that I used to enjoy as a kid till he was a writer for those few episodes he assisted with! That short time he was on Simpsons killed my fun out of watching it for nearly all time! Oh heck, he was a total turn-off for me for that short time he was on SNL too! Not a comic, not an interviewer and not entertaining at all. Some kid can come up with stuff he comes up with IF and when he does write. And is he good at presenting it when some good material is writen for him? ..NO WAY!! Some new face can do much better, if he would not have Leno to compete against --he would have trouble to be against ANYONE! It's not a big crowd that loves him, they are just an immature louded mouth crowd that worships him and chase around the boards on the net to cause some disrest and mischief! What is it? those followers cannot do same on their own?... it's so simple to act like an idiot and just do anything stupid to occupy time. Why not put on slap stick comedy from black and white era and have a conceited clumpsy kid do the interviews = Conan show! The network can save money on this presentation and maybe fill the GAP/space where Conan refused to be at and it could appease the nerd herd of Conan's followers. He should be fired without pay for refusing to go to a time slot that the network was trying to get him to do. He did lower the ratings since his nerd herd is not as loyal as they are mouthy or very keen at writing a lot of smiley COCO, he is so funny, he is so intelligent, etc! When I looked around the net, that all seems like it's a bunch of kids just having a hayday of praising the goofy looking guy they chose to do against what really is a talent.

AFFILATES's picture

CONAN IS A FUCKING hacky robotic herb. Easy lame jokes, cocky arrogant I went to harvard!!!!(Your dad worked there..think that helped? )(and related to Denis Leary, another total pomp ass jerk). Go to syndication, go to fox, I hope it tanks, it will. Is it just me or is that guy looking more and more like Mr Burns? CUT THAT STUPID MOP ON YOUR HEAD, you look like a f -ing moron. I hope NBC deems that stupid haircut as intellectual property, then he will really have nothing.

Anonymous's picture

I don't find him funny but he maybe an OK interviewer, all that said he was in a spot that wasn't right for his type of show. We don't want to see school boyish humor... that DAVE. I am not a DAVE fan either. Of the boyish talk show hosts humor I like Craig F. I have never gotten why people think some of these guys are Comedy GODS I really don't find any of them all that. IN THE END Conan did work and HE GOT PAID!!!!!

I am jealous of that!

Good Rid dance Conan and enjoy your time off.

Anonymous's picture

Conan is the best comedian in the entire universe. May he have the best of luck with wherever he goes next. Fuck Leno. NBC has lost a viewer. But not just one.

Miko's picture


Anonymous's picture

Conan obrien sucks some serious ass. I hate the fuck out of this idiot. What the hell are these people thinking putting this fool on the air in the first place? And anyone liking this fool needs their brains examined. The world is full of fools and fucking idiots. Conan is the biggest one. Do something with your hair you fool. I hope i never have to lay my eyes upon this idiot fool ever again. Do your see this you stupid fuck conan? In case you do. Fuck you.

I hate him too.. Sometimes i am thinking why they had chosen to play on that role..

Guest's picture

conan, harvard grad and still a stupid c*nt and not funny

Guest's picture

Conan didn't create "Triumph."

GuestJAMES's picture

i think that all three need to be taken off the air they are stupid their shows are stupid and they need to be off the air cant stand any of them

Guest's picture

I find it extremely funny that this was a spot-on call

bob's picture

Yay conan went to harvard!!! Who cares. This doesn't make him funny. His show is horrible. I've watched it several times trying to figure out why people like it. I didn't laugh once. All his jokes and stunts remind me of stuff kids do in grade school. Sure its funny when your 5 years old but as an adult I need more. Anyone who watches this show on a regular basis and keeps this untalented, unfunny hack on the air should be shot.

Guest's picture

I can’t believe anyone would even waste 2 seconds on this show.
It’s a waste of Satellite Bandwidth for this loser.
He’s not a comedian he’s annoying dumb ass.
Get this crap off the air.

Guest's picture

Conan is the funniest comedian I've ever seen. It's impossible for me to watch him and not crack up. I find it odd that for all the people that say they don't find him funny, I have not once seen him in front of an audience that didn't laugh their asses off whether they were there to see him or not.

Guest's picture

Conan is the funniest person I've ever seen, it's impossible for me to watch his show and not crack up. I find it odd that for all the people who say they don't find him funny, I have yet to see an audience that didn't laugh their asses off, whether they were there to see him or not.

Cole Leytem's picture

Conan has always been the intricate as I'd say. The best as you should. and the only mo fo who puts ....the...'and up'! in stand up. {not the 'tan dup'... thats for leno...G.D. right- with a lower case L ) Conan should of had Leno's time slot but...'l'eno is a hater... of many thingz {G.D. racist} Know leno I've never found funny. I watch leno and it's like... lame-oo. Idon't hate on him I just don't laugh. Now I may get a chuckle more out of ...that guy from the man show... whats his name... the smiley happy chubby jewish guy-than I would from Letter man.uh hum-'L'etterman has been good to folks here and there but he's just to...G.D. old-retire man, I getting sick of having to look at you work. but truth be told Letterman ...rapes leno... the jewish guy video tapes while Jon Stewart and Colbert jerk off to it. The really sickening thing is.... It's all...Conan O'Brians fault. He's the ring leader, to take charge of.. disturbingly funny F'n Sht-Man. Fergusion who? I ask? okay okay yes out of the"gay" alliance(according to relivance to how guests are interveiwed in relation to theveiwer) Ferguson and Conan(the older days) have had some strange interveiws that turn off alot of veiwers by the shear "Querism's". But Fergusion just Su...."is not me cup of tea, aye" and has not done much original. Conan...Owe you.. G.D. Conan is the funniest MoFo in the night slot packet yo...Now I haven't seen much of his new stuff on TBS... But Now I PLAN TO AND YOUUUU CAN'T STOP ME. Conan has for the most part brought original type of content into the...Layer or should I say Lare or 'really is that liar'-No it blashpemy. Come on rember the "Year Two Thousand, In the year Two Thousaaaaand. G.D. Conan is the shiznatel bop bam. like damn. He is off the wall and the reason that anyone doesn't like him is because honestly...Conan is not allowed to press the envelope as far as you'd want. so you say hey this guy is ..ah not as witty- but you are wrong why freind. he is just chained to standards of desencies that limit veiwers expectations-so they are less shocked and awed... Conan is not to be followed(As I seen him) He is to be -Marveled at ..a G.D. Dam of constraint to keep the peace and dignity if comic relief- if not to be worshipped entirely. Sir Conan I salute you. In return I hope to never hear from you again...unless I do then it's a G.D. miracle and that couldn't of happend- which means .... It's a G.D. Miracle and that couldn't have happend.and I salute you. Really though...I mean people 'choose' to watch advertisements that he is in on youtube. How many advertisements has anyone ever chose to watch? Conan is original.Maybe not to the liking of your 'old' time republic or yea new age demock-co-racy. But he will always hold a special place for me in my limited memory...And I tell you all this SIRS and MAMS that if I shall die -While I am awake- At Late Night...and the hospital got some T.V.'s or something like that-that they will have in the year TWO-THOUSAAAAAAND- I hope I'm watching the last and most hilarious rip from Conan as I Ma Fa kin Die my freind thats how hilarious he is. Cause you know that he's in it to win it. he'll be doing stand up/talk shows tell I die-and I'm younger then him so he'll live tell like tell 243.and thats a really good number yo. Hey people don't be talkin sht about his dances either. I got some moves from him. and...you got bitchez from them but it takes one to know one hah hah- the double take. Yes I originated that but I truly owe the inspiration from the GENUIS OF cONNAN O'bRIAN. Yeah he's a mad man but who would you wan to listen to when the 'bomb' goes off-Islame knows this-you see a joke he can't use cause the censors or a evil terrorist plot that would rise to kill ... fergusion- cuz o'brian is immortal(and AHAH knows that...(L)misspelled on purpose cuz I don't want my christmas tree blown up this year). I really think that he is classy but it shocks me to see that some think he's ...as I read earlier,gutter humour- yeah right- only if heaven had a bowling alley and only the bull shit striked and your yea opinion spared. huummmh honestly his mishaped face and expression and tones have changed alot of what I have said in the past(on jokes and improve with the guys...and gals-when we first meet). I believe he has giving me a booster- who can be a better influence than that. For this I finally.. Thank You Sir Isacc -o'Brian, Connan.
Or what ever your real name is...Ultra Uber-Mesh Alien, paving the way for all mankind.
Sa Da Tay...Sa Da Tay!

bob's picture

Obviously you are half retarded yourself judging by your writing cole so you are forgiven for liking conan. His humor is really for retarded people with low IQs.

Conan's Mom's picture

I am personally embarrrassed about just how bad his new ad campaign is and the thought that he will want, no expect, me to watch the drivel that he calls a show is more than I can stand. I am seriously considering changing my name and emigrating to Iran so that I will have an excuse not to watch this brain mush.


Conee's mom

Nandi's picture

Is there a Conan hate club? Could we contribute enough money to send him some rotten tomatoes? He is the worst host ever....in the television history.

Rei's picture

Totally Agree with You! this is empower my toughs too! smiley

N's picture

Agree! He's is just trying TOO hard.. and it is still not working. Plus his carisma is not trying at all.. Sorry Conan

Guest's picture

I just don't find his show funny at all. Andy Richter is okay, and some of the skits are too, but in general Conan is very unfunny. It especially shows in his monologues, where he routinely does stupid body and hand movements, which make him look like an epileptic with down's syndrome. Also his impersonations are terrible.

stefan's picture

He's just plain stupid! His only act seems to consist of jumping around with that tacky hair style and blabber some truly insipid and boring one-liners that are more embarrassing than funny! I'm so glad Jay Leno came back to the Tonight Show.

bob's picture

And my guest tonight maroon 5 definitely in my top 20 favorite maroons. Uh, yeah not only is that not funny but its something a 5 year old would say. And this man went to Harvard?

Rick's picture

What better than to laugh at stereotypical jokes written generally? What would it feel like to be insulted of your country or nation? I can't ignore the fact, he excludes his own country. Why not crack at the United States? There is a multi-cultural society right there for you to rain on. I would love to see someone make jokes on other topics rather than straight up stereotypical. Surely, most comedians don't amuse me. They just make me want to vomit into a bucket and mail it to them as a "gift of my kindness".

SilverGST's picture

Not only is conan fricken UGLY, he sucks as a human person. If my daughter ever brought home conan, id have to have him arrested, he reminds me of a pedophile pervert.
PS, he is nowhere even remotely funny. You couldnt even pay me enough to be on his show. So, therefore, anyone who is on his show, I will disown them as an actor, and will boycott their movie/series, etc.

CONAN SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bob's picture

Only arrested? If my daughter brought him home he'd be feeding my garden. All my plants would probably die though.

Wayne's picture

Conan is not at all funny,except for his looks that is! I even hate it when I see the advertisements for his show. Johnny Carson was the best,but that was when comedy was great. It goes to show you that it doesn't take much to amuse people these days and the network must be hard up for programming ! If Conan is so great,then why did he go off the air once before ?, and if you read up on his ratings you will find that they are low for his show that is on the air right now ! I hope it won't be long,before he's gone again !

bob's picture

Everyone who likes conan has a low IQ and is borderline mentally retarded. This isn't an opinion its a fact. They did a study on the IQ's of tv watchers and what shows they like and conans fans all had low IQs.

Rose Bud's picture

Right now I intensely dislike Conan O'Brien for my own reasons that I am sure others will not agree with. He is going to officiate a gay wedding on one of his shows. I think this is only for publicity and not a sincere move. Aside from that I do not approve for personal reasons and now I no longer like him and will not watch or support him in any way. Whew, got that off my chest.

Jshway's picture

I can see this is literally just an argument of "Conan is awesome!" or "Conan is shit".

But regardless I will add in my opinion.

Conan is the most insufferable human being, if that, on television.

You must have an infantile sense of humor to find THAT funny.

His sketches are the type of "look at the shiny keys, jangly jangly" *Laugh track*, shit that America eats up.

And putting aside all the other irredeemable features, the thing that makes me want to destroy my tv and abandon society, is that completely OBNOXIOUS introduction, where he plays his shitty big band music and waltzes in like he is king of the fucking world, and jumps on the last note like a complete autist.

There are plenty of things that make me feel shame for my own race, but nothing makes my blood boil like this piece of crap. I seriously never get this angry about anything except this subject.

Meh's picture

Here comes a long drawn out reason why I don't like conan, apologize for how long this is going to be but it will be a good read.

Conan sucks.

See that was a Conan joke, and it was stupid...

Lauren 's picture

Conan is seriously annoying, he laughs too much, moves too much and talks too much.
Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel are the best.
I watched Conan once and I just couldn't again I just wanted to punch him...