about April 1st

Is it me, or is April Fool Day, at least the Online Version, just getting lame? Here's Wordpattern, a merger between Wordpress and Textpattern. Oh, come on. It just reeks April Fools Day. Info, of sorts

Of course, that's one merger I'd love to see. Textpattern is great, but not too user-friendly. Wordpress is user-friendly, but lacks some features of Textpattern. I doubt Matt and Dean would really do this, but it would be great if someone would....

And Drupal tried an April Fools thing, too.

Maybe we should give April Fools Day Online a year or two off. Then catch us by surprise.

But probably not.



strivinglife's picture

I have to completely agree with you.

You're right about Drupal - "tried", but they absolutely failed ...