The Pope Died

I don't mean to sound rude or callous, but in a way I'm glad the Pope died.

Now, it's not that I wish people dead. I'm sure he was a great guy. And no, we probably didn't see eye-to-eye on a lot of issues, but of all the people in the world (and, more specifically, all the religious leaders in the world) he's one that I liked.

I'm glad he passed away because of an interview I heard last night. On Coast to Coast AM, a show that deals a lot with the strange, paranormal, etc, a priest, Father Wingate was adamant that the Pope wouldn't die. Something about the Pope having to do a few more things. And this priest was damn sure about his prophecy! Nothing was going to deter him. Even the possibility of being wrong.

And he was wrong.

And I was glad.

The reason? If he was right, and the Pope managed to survive, I would have to reevaluate everything. Imagine a wacky prophesy coming true. That, in my mind, would have been a veritable miracle. I would have to then put a lot more stock in this christianity stuff.

But as it stand, I can go about my idolatrous and hedonistic ways!


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Personally, I agree with that article - even though I was unaware of that priest making this prediction until I read about it here, which was already after the pope's death.

Me and God have some issues, me and the devil have some issues, and when it's my time to move on to the afterlife, you can bet there'll be some sparks flying.

But I did have respect for the pope.

And it troubled me to see him being paraded around until the end, the old man deserved a break, not an ongoing puppetshow.

I can only imagine what it would be like, being brittle and old, and near the end... only to have a huge religious institute do whatever they can to keep you alive, so they can keep putting you on the show.
Oh well, he moved on to greener pastures, now if only the tv-makers would realize that old people die every day, under more troubled conditions than the pope did... and stop showing PopeMania 2005 for the entire week!

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I'm starting to have the feeling that 2005 will be the year of the Pope. (While 2004 was the year of the child molesting priests.)

A new Pope will be named this month, and it may be a very controversial Pope. Times are changing, and are they going to pick a true visionary for their church? I think the new Pope's job will be more of a Prime Minister, a lot of show and good will and parties.

And, according to "Prophesy" we have two Popes left...

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