The Lost 2007 Season 4 Premier

I've been getting a lot of hits about the premier date for Lost Season 4.

It will not be on until January February 2008 January 31, 2008. Now on Thursdays at 9pm.

The Lost Season Three DVD will be in stores December 11th though to tide you over.


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I think it's safe to say that most people hate waiting for Lost to come back. But if you're a Lost fan, you'll watch it no matter when it returns. If only to try to figure out just what the hell is going on.

On the bright side, we know there will be 48 new episodes of the series.

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siiiiiigh! at least grey's anatomy starts soon to keep me occupied, but seriously wtf???? the premier date is NOT COOL!!!

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It has been a long time since I have run home to make sure that I did not miss an episode of a t.v. show. Not since I was a kid. But this is by far the most intresting drama that I have ever watched and been hooked on. I am sure that I am not alone, in saying that after the dvd's came out I was shut in my basement for an entire weekend, making sure that I did not miss something. It is extremely unfortunate that the powers that be think so little of its viewers, as to make them wait until NEXT year before the new season starts. I hope that they check the messages boards and reconsider the decision. Unfortunately I am a junkie for this show and there is no turning back for me.

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Simply looking at the number of hits this subject has tallied indicates the interest....I too am disappointed by the 'too late date'....when combined with the significant increased time used by commercial breaks in each episode, it is hard to feel like viewers are valued by the network.
My response is to tape the episodes and zip through the ads. Then I tell the sponsors "what and why". As more of us do that, the people who actually pay the bills will begin to demand better treatment of the viewers...

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The late premier date supposedly is going to be this way for the remainder of the series. All this says to me is that they needed a way to drag it out to six seasons and have truly run out of ideas that would keep avid viewers on the line for a full season of 22-26 episodes.

Commercials have definately become a thing of the past for me since the invention of the DVR. I wonder how long it will be before the research shows that people just aren't wathing them anymore. Even if I'm home I record an hour show and don't start watching it until 15 or 20 minutes into it. I can fast forward through the commercials and be caught up right near the end.

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That is aggravating and December 11th is a long time to wait for the season 3 dvd. the anticipation is so great it makes one want to stop caring.

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I am very disappointed. I have started watching the others season premiers and was getting excited about LOST coming back on. NOW I HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL FEBRUARY!!!!!!! That is crazy..........

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I am so sad that I will have to wait until Feb. to watch the only show worth watching. I live for Lost, it is the best show there has ever been and I am totally hooked. smiley

tvTonight - Wednesday September 26, 2007 | Misguided Thought's picture

[...] And Lost fans, remember, Lost wont be back on the air until February. [...]

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, they're missing a golden opportunity $$$$$ by not getting the dvd in stores for Thanksgiving weekend.

But it would have been nice to give us something... an episode or two that took place in the first couple of seasons to give us some insight into what's going on.

Battlestar Galactica is doing it with Razor.

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I think LOST is the best tv drama that is on air but they don't have much consideration of their viewers. Why don't they just give us a new season in September like all of the rest of the producers? I could plan my year better.....

Are they being considerate of a factor that I am not considering? Or do they need more time to write?

Poor Hurly would probably like to go ahead and save his life by loosing a few pounds. I'd love him even more if I knew he would not die on me!!! I is hard being attached to a guy who is bound to croak if they want to keep him 200 elbows over the safety zone.

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the wait for season 4 is way to long ,the producers are so dumb alot of people will get hooked on other shows ffs its just to long to wait. "LOST MAY BE LOST" at least abc should show reruns .

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It is also just as wrong, by making us wait until December to be able to pruchase the last season. I mean throw us a bone. We deserve better treatment.

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I personally thought it should be released just before Thanksgiving - for the Christmas Shopping weekend.

But just think, about a month after it comes out, we'll be watching all new episodes! 16 in a row! (I think I'm getting too giddy for my own good.)

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it is crazy to wait until feb-2008 to premier LOST it is the best show on TV . it seems they would try to acheive happy viewers and at least get 6 shows in fall preview as usual ;;;; this is enough to make me and many others loose interest !

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You guys are all wrong. go to the ABC website and you will see that the episode will begin in feb 2008 and the date has not been set yet.

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Mike, when I wrote that post, the date was January. Apparently they've changed it. And not for the better (Starting in the February Sweeps instead of getting a few episodes into the season may not be wise, considering they're thinking of putting it on at 9pm instead of 10pm.)

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Why do they make it so freakin hard to keep watching such a great show. It's almost like they're trying to drive viewers away...AGAIN. I'm too dedicated to the show not to watch it, but I know several people that are going to give up on it after such a long wait for new episodes. They must not remember how many viewers they lost the last time they had such a long break.

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Rescue Me is good. Also HIGHLY recommended:

>>>>>>>>>>>>It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia

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I'm unimpressed with the premier date! I will, however, like many of you, stay tuned in for next season. I'm hooked! But that dosn't mean I'm happy about it!
It's been so long I don't even remember what happened last.....or not all of it anyway. Charlie had died; Or so we thought, right. He's the cute one! Please don't kill him!!!

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That really sucks. It really does! I am soooo hooked and can't wait.

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LOST really is going to be Lost! I've been waiting too for the season premeire and now find out I have to WAIT even LOOOONNNNGGGGEEERRR. I am looking for other shows to keep me busy. I was looking forward to seeing LOST as one of them, instead, I'm just as disappointed as the rest of you. >;-(

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All good thing are worth the wait, Just think how thankful we will all be when our Lost friends come back. Thank you for the information on Season four Premier I was starting to think I had somehow missed it.

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My 7th grade teacher got me hooked on lost oduring the 2nd season. Now it is like oooooomg waiting. And they moved it back an hour last year so not it is 10-11. smiley School in the morning of thursday is a draggg. But yeah, lost is a great show, and it got me extra credit on tests because she would ask questions about it. Now I am in highsschool though so I never see her but i know her 2 kids.

ANYYYWAYs, I thought the premier was like last friday on the 28th or something like that. It was the same night as homecoming so i missed that and I kept on hearing all this stuff about a two hour premier that night and I was like well fuck that.

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this is maddening!!!!!!!!! isn't this the final season? i thought abc said they were going to end it in '08? it only makes sense that they would wait until feb. to start the new one. this way we all HAVE to buy season 3 in dvd to brush up on what has happened.

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Danielle, I'm pretty sure that when the show comes on, no one will be complaining. (They'll complain that it's only a 16 episode season.)

While it sucks that we have to wait, I have faith that the producers will make the wait worth while.

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The only new premeier that seems to be taking this long is another show I thoroughly enjoy..Gallatica although both will take awhile to catch up to after 9months to a year with no new episodes to keep ypu aprised of whats going....oh well it is just a show and not real life...

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I'm almost out of the notion to watch. All the small details that were soooo important are not going to be remembered. This is so rediculous.
I used to have about ten people in my extended family that I could discuss the show with, but I am the only one that continued to watch last season. I am sad to say that I am at my wits end. I may not tune in on Feb. of 2008. Are you guys trying to LOSE viewers?
Get Real!

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Okay i am really upset season 4 isn't starting sooner. I was watching TV the other night and it said Lost was starting on the 17th (which would be today), and i got extremely excited. But then i thought, that cannot be right, it comes on wednesday nights.

So I googled it and now I see January 2008! This really bites. Its driving me crazy!

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Lost is the #1 recorded and # 1 downloaded show of all time. Its true! this is the reason why they dont care. I personally didnt start watching until last year. watched 3 seasons in a month, without commercials. This has got to be new for the network. How can they capitalize on it?

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I can not believe we have to wait until february to see the season premier. I have followed the show from the beggining and that is way to long to wait.

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i can't believe the new season isn't starting until 2008. a few of us die hard viewers are sticking around but as others have said they will lose some of their viewers just due to the fact of the long waits between seasons. i am dying to know what is going to happen. the plots for each show make you glue yourself to the screen. hurry back the suspense is killing me!!!!

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Including the 2008 season, there's three years left, 16 episodes per season. So 48 episodes in total to go.

But, yeah, it's frustrating. Of course, when they had the mini-fall season last year, a lot of people complained. (But it turned out those episodes were rather important after all.)

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Why did I think the season 2007 started 10/24? (still late compared to others) Now Feb ‘08! Blah! I’ll wait to watch, but what the hell is going on here? This seems totally against the laws of demand & supply. Must be nice as a cast member to have so much time off. I have noticed that som of the cast are now in feature length movies. LOST made them stars and now they can’t make time for their original fans! How are they going to screw up the last 2 seasons? I’m not a happy camper……

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At least they won’t do what they did last year — start late, show six shows and them make us wait until the end of February to get the rest of the season. Seems like ABC has decided to go on a more BBC type approach to premieres.

If you want to see season 3 again, don’t wait for the DVDs to go on sale. Go to or and download the shows for free directly to your hard drive. You will need a P2P program to download the shows and is what I use. No more waiting, no more commercials, and I can watch the shows over and over when I burn them to DVD. It takes some time, usually overnight on a high speed connection, or you can go to and pay a monthly fee to download the shows at high speed in a much, much shorter time and you don’t need a P2P program.

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That the dumdest thing i have ever heard not starting the show till next year. If i wasnt so into the show i really wounldnt wait that long for a season premier it should already be out. What are they waiting for. They are going to start losing alot of fans by doing what they are doing. Show the show already!!!!!!!!

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If the show doesn’t care about it’s fan base, then why should the fan base care about the show?
It’s time to leave the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 LOST.

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As a mother of two young children, I don’t get to see much in the way of TV these days. (Thank goddness for DVR!) But with Lost starting so late in the season, I keep thinking that good things come to those who wait. But - really, come on… HOW LONG are we supposed to wait? Will they be premiering when other shows are finaling? Frustrating!

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really nice

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hah, in Turkey, lost is begining now. so late hasmiley

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I think LOST is the best tv drama that is on air but they don't have much consideration of their viewers.

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I like LOST also
Great drama

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Why we have to wait that longsmiley

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I have followed the show from the beggining and that is way to long to wait.

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It is extremely unfortunate that the powers that be think so little of its viewers, as to make them wait until NEXT year before the new season starts. I hope that they check the messages boards and reconsider the decision. Unfortunately I am a junkie for this show and there is no turning back for me.