House Season Two Finale

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On the eve of House's third season premier, I thought I ought to discuss the second season finale. I understand it may be a bit late, but I do have my reasons.

One reason is that there was really nothing to talk about. House got shot and began to hallucinate. I figured out things weren't quite right when House had lunch outside with his staff. The show does quirky things for exposition at times (like talking about cases in the bathroom or the morgue) but never something like that. Then again, being put in the same room with his shooter was a bit daft, too.

The second reason is that I wanted to see how the series would begin. House, in his hallucination, found out that Dr. Cutty approved an experimental procedure that would cure his leg pain. Well, it did, but it also affected his brain. At the end of the episode, he tells Cameron (I think it was her) that he wants that procedure done.

Fade out.

So over the last few weeks, Fox has been airing previews of Dr. Gregory House swimming and running. So it appears he was cured of his leg pain. To me that's a big duh. The writers and producers know you don't give the audience that kind of expectation and then come back with a "Nope, not doing that."

What's more intriguing is what's going on in his head.

He's not all there, apparently. Taking more chances than before. So can he continue being a doctor, continue being the doctor he is, with his brain "misfiring"?

The question that, to me, is more important, is this: Can House be House without his pain?

Here was a character who defined himself by his disability. It was his crutch, his excuse. With it gone, will he be the same man? (And, will Stacy come back and be with him? Maybe that's why he wanted his leg pain gone.)

So tomorrow I'll eagerly watch the third season premier. I'm not expecting a lot of answers, but I'm expecting a lot of that character.


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Having seen Hugh Laurie playing Bertie Wooster in 'Jeeves and Wooster', I can never see him the same way in House.

Very versatile actor to stretch from one to the other.


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All those damn British actors come over here and wow the socks off us!

Comedic actors are probably some of the best at playing dramatic roles. Go figure.

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I thought you'd just have a handful of posts! But 8000 members and only 400 posts? That just doesn't add up well...