Deciding on phpmyadmin alternatives

Setting up (again) a localhost setup and deciding on an alternative to PhpMyAdmin. So far I've found three:


Ah, choices! More info to come.

Site Upgrade

Just upgraded the site to Drupal 7! Well, the codebase is upgraded, still working on the theme. I'm thinking the theme will be the hard part! Not sure if I'm going to upgrade my old theme to work, or start on a new, light theme.

Anyway, I wanted to get this upgraded before my 7th Drupalversary which is this week! Synchronicity is cool smiley

Arch Linux Elitism

It's been said that Arch Linux users are elitist. This mostly stems from Arch's keep core simple principle, and an expectation that users should do some research and checking before posting support requests in their forum. (And really, is that too much to ask?)

server setup in Ubuntu

This page isn't a tutorial on setting up a LAMP in Ubuntu, but rather notes on how to set it up. I just did this in Ubuntu, and wanted to document what I did so if I have to do it again, it'll go much quicker. (Though, it was pretty quick, actually.)

The basics of it are on I did have to add sudo apt-get install php5-gd to get GD support for Drupal.


Ziva isn't leaving NCIS - at least, for now

ziva david, ncisOne of the questions I see in my referrer logs is "Is Ziva leaving NCIS?" Apparently, the answer is "No." It seems she'll be there for at least two more years. Read the info at

Goodbye Sarah Jane

Elisabeth Sladen who played Sarah Jane on Dr. Who died April 19, 2011.

She was certainly one of the most cherished Dr. Who companions. I'm still touched when I think of Sarah Jane meeting with David Tennant's Doctor by the TARDIS in the new series.

She'll be missed.


In Plain Sight - May 1st!

I'll admit it - I enjoy In Plain Sight! I love the interaction between Mary and Marshall. And new episodes begin May 1st.

Gnome3 - the Antithesis of Productivity

As a Gnome user, I've been reading about the Gnome3/Gnome Shell release and decided to see for myself. I downloaded the Fedora 15 Alpha release with Gnome 2.91.6 and after a bit, i came to this conclusion:

Gnome3 is the antithesis of productivity.

My main issue with Gnome3 comes from the Gnome Wiki page GNOME Shell Design FAQ

I still can care less about Conan O'Brien

So is Conan O'Brien's new show worth watching? I still haven't seen it because, frankly, I don't care for his brand of humor. And I'm pretty sure it's the same shtick as before.

(And as this site seems to be an "I Hate Conan O'Brien" site - probably because I titled a post "I Hate Conan O'brien - here's the other two posts on the topic: I hate Conan O'Brien and I still hate Conan O'Brien.)

Archlinux forums untrusted?

Decided to visit the Arch Linux website forum and I get a message in Firefox saying it's Untrusted.

Arch Linux, not trusted? It never cheated on me, or stole money from me, or drank all my beer. And sure, it's a pain in the ass to get to know. But not trustworthy? Never! (Sure, it's cousin Chakra Linux has been sleeping around, but that's another story.)

So do I click "I Understand the Risks" or not?


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